Would You Shop Online without Your Cell Phone?

22% of online retailers still don’t have a mobile-friendly website



Statistic Info

The way people purchase online is changing. Consumers can turn to review sites and see customer ratings with the click of a button. Vendor and price comparisons are just a Google search away. And with search engines aiming to offer more personalized results, locality is more important than ever.

But of the myriad of changes in online purchasing patterns, none is as important for eCommerce as mobile search. The statistics are illuminating:

  • 66% of smartphone owners in Canada access the Internet every day on their device, and most never leave home without it
  • 89% of users search for local information on their phone, with 88% performing some sort of action as a result, such as making a purchase
  • 77% of mobile users have researched a product or service on their device
  • 27% of mobile users have made a purchase on their phone

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