Do You Like Free Shipping?

23% shoppers added more items to their order at checkout to qualify for free shipping



Statistic Info

You’ve been struggling to drive conversions, and have decided to analyze user behavior to understand the problem. To your surprise, you find that people are interested in your products. They even go so far as to add items to their shopping carts. The only problem is, they don’t complete their purchases.

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59% of 16-36 year-olds Head to Amazon Before Any Other E-Commerce Website

69% of B2B Businesses Say They Expect to Stop Printing Catalogs Within Five Years

There Will Be More Than 3.7 Billion Email Users by the End of 2017

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

54% Buyers will Buy Retargeted Products if Offered at a Discount

Almost 60% of People Who Own a Virtual Assistant Have Used it to Make a Purchase through Voice Command

Mobile 500 Retailers Made Big Gains in 2017, Reporting a 68.5% Increase in Visits and Topping More than 3 Billion Logged Shopping Sessions

40% of US Males Aged 18-34 Say They Would “Ideally Buy Everything Online”

65 Percent of Shoppers Look up Price Comparisons on their Mobile Device While in a Physical Store

In 2019, Ecommerce Sales are Expected to Account for 13.7 Percent of Retail Sales Worldwide