Do You Hate Unexpected Shipping Costs?

28% shoppers abandon carts because of unexpected shipping costs



Statistic Info

Declaring the shipping cost upfront andoffering a guest checkout option reduces cart abandonments, as these are the two main reasons why shoppers abandon an online purchase.

“Abandoned carts represent significant lost revenue for merchants -as many as 70% of carts are abandoned. We coach our clients on three key ways to reduce abandoned carts:

1) Add interactive tools to aid purchase decisions.

2) Improve search functionality.

3) Provide shipping policies and estimations as early as possible in the checkout process.If carts do get abandoned, using recovery tools to remarket can yield great upside. Online stores that implement the right tools and take a thoughtful approach to the customer experience, can dramatically boost conversions from abandoned carts to sales.”

More 2019 Stats

Average Click-thru Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 4.6%

Landing Pages with Multiple Offers get 266% Fewer Leads than Single Offer Pages

Nearly Half of American Small Businesses do not have a Website

Companies see a 55% Increase in Leads when Increasing their Number of Landing Pages from 10 to 15

22% of Online Retailers Still Don’t have a Mobile-Friendly Website

44% of Companies use A/B or Split Testing Software

85 Percent of Consumers Conduct Online Research Before Making a Purchase Online

The Total Orders from Mobile Devices Ranges between 38% and 53%

23% Shoppers Added More Items to their Order at Checkout to Qualify for Free Shipping

44% of People go Directly to Amazon to Start their Product Searches, Compared to 34% who use Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to Search for Products

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

60% of the Overall Website Traffic is Reported from Mobile Devices

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

Almost 60% of People Who Own a Virtual Assistant Have Used it to Make a Purchase through Voice Command

22% of Online Retailers Still Don’t have a Mobile-Friendly Website

E-commerce sales account for just 8% of total retail sales in the US and 14% in the UK

60% of Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts Because of Unexpected Extra Costs

It’s 7 Times More Expensive to Acquire a New Customer via Paid Advertisement than Retain an Existing One

54% of Shoppers will Purchase Products Left in Shopping Carts if those Products are Subsequently Offered at a Lower Price

88% of Online Shoppers Will Use Webrooming to Find the Best Price

PayPal Transactions have 70% Higher Checkout Conversion than Non-PayPal Transactions