Have You Used Voice Search Before?

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies



Statistic Info

The growth of global ecommerce is mind-boggling. In 2017 it reached around $2.3 trillion and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021 (according to a Statista report). In the US alone, ecommerce represents almost 10 percent of retail sales — a figure that is growing by nearly 15 percent each year.

“Voice will gain more prominence in 2018 as voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa become common place,” predicts Mari Corella, a fashion and beauty ecommerce specialist. “Walmart and Google recently announced a partnership to allow shopping through Google’s voice assistant, Google Assistant. This will mainly be used for reorders.”

More 2018 Stats

54% of Shoppers will Purchase Products Left in Shopping Carts if those Products are Subsequently Offered at a Lower Price

69% of B2B Businesses Say They Expect to Stop Printing Catalogs Within Five Years

According to Nielson, 50% of Redeemed Mobile Coupons are Captured Directly from a Retailer’s Site by the Consumer

72% of Shoppers Return 10% or Less of Purchases

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1.79 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online in 2018.

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

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80% of Respondents Said They Had Stopped Doing Business with a Company Because of a Poor Customer Experience

Generation X Shop More Online Than Baby Boomers and Millennials

54% Buyers will Buy Retargeted Products if Offered at a Discount

Americans Spend 36% of their Shopping Budget Online

23% Shoppers Added More Items to their Order at Checkout to Qualify for Free Shipping

Average E-Commerce Conversion Rates Vary from 2.8% to 4.5%

The Average Conversion Rate in AdWords Across all Industries is 2.7% on the Search Network and 0.89% on the Display Network

33% of B2C Ecommerce Website are also Conducting B2B Transactions

400 Pixels from the Left Edge is the Area of Desktop Site Viewing Which Gets the Most Viewing Time

32% of Online Shoppers Own at Least One Connected Home Device