What Role Will Mobile Marketing Play in your Demand Gen Strategies?

45% of Marketers Are Still Unsure What Role Mobile Marketing will Play in their Demand Gen Strategies



Statistic Info

Increasing the quality of leads is the top priority for a majority (68%) of B2B professionals, followed by increasing lead volume (55%). This reversal points to a bigger trend toward quality over quantity. Further down the list are goals such as improving the ability to measure and analyze the impact of marketing initiatives (41%) and improving marketing and sales alignment (39%)

59% of respondents identified generating high-quality leads to be their biggest B2B lead generation challenge. Interestingly, this top challenge matches the top priority of increasing lead quality, and it ranks far above other marketing challenges such as converting leads to customers (42%), delivering effective lead nurturing programs (37%), and demonstrating the impact on revenues and ROI (36%).

More 2018 Stats

Americans Spend 36% of their Shopping Budget Online

Online Stores That Have a Social Presence Have 32% More Sales on Average Than Online Stores that Don’t

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

Users Who Click On Product Recommendations Lead to a Conversion Rate that is 5.5 Times Higher Than Nonclicking Users

The Average Landing Page Form with 2 Form Fields has Higher Conversions then 1 Form Field

47% of Website Visitors Check Out a Company’s Products/Services Page Before Looking at any Other Sections of the Site

48% of Users Say That if They Arrive on a Business Site That Isn’t Working Well on Mobile, They Take it as an Indication of the Business Simply Not Caring

Some Online Shoppers Make Purchases From Social Media

42% of U.S. Consumers Have Searched and Purchased Products or Services Online

42% of Lead Gen Professionals Consider Lack of Quality Data a Major Challenge Around Quality Lead Generation

More Demand Generation Stats

Marketers are Now Experimenting with Buyer Engagement through Formats other than Form Fills: Video (66%)

46% of Marketers are Using Interactive Content, with the Top Reason for Moving to Interactive Being Better Engagement Around Demand Gen Efforts

Email Was Still the Go-to Demand Gen Channel for 67% of Marketers, but Search Grew by Almost 10% from Last Year (Moving from 41% to 50%), and Online Ads Climbed 5% (Moving from 16% to 21%)

54% of B2B Marketers Measure Success Via Revenue-Based Quotas, While 45% Measure Success Through Lead-Based Quotas

Marketers are Now Experimenting with Buyer Engagement through Formats other than Form Fills: Infographics (59%)

The Top Demand Generation Priorities for 2018 are: 1) Focusing on Lead Quality over Quantity, 2) Improving Conversion Rates and Results, and 3) Generating Increased Lead Volume

66% of Marketers use Video in their Lead Nurturing Campaigns

48% B2B Buyers Said Webinars Were Valuable to Them in the Mid-Stage of their Buying Journey

64% of B2B Buyers Said They Prefer Podcasts at the Top of the Funnel

Lack of Resources (Staff, Funding, Time) is the Biggest Obstacle for 61% of Marketers Working on B2B Lead Generation