How Much Do You Shop From Your Phone?

50% of Total eCommerce Revenue Comes from Mobile

Statistic Info

At the end of the day, the point of building a mobile-friendly site is to make more money. The statistics make it clear that half of us prefer shopping online.

Due to more people buying smartphones and better internet speeds, that number will only grow. In fact, the projected increase for mobile usage means more opportunities for everyone.

Following this trend will help your brand in the long run. All you have to do is take the leap and build a responsive website.

More 2018 Stats

1.79 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online in 2018.

Converting Leads to Customers was the Top Marketing Priority for 70% of Organizations in 2017

47% of People Expect a Web Page to Load in 2 Seconds or Less

Given 15 Minutes to Consume Content, Two-Thirds of People Would Rather Read Something Beautifully Designed Than Something Plain

55% of Online Shoppers Tell Friends and Family When Dissatisfied with a Product or Company

73% of Companies are Investing in Design to Differentiate Their Brands

Americans Spend 36% of their Shopping Budget Online

Engagement Lost During the Body of a Video (96% of the video) is the Same Lost During the Nose (the first 2% of the video)

Gmail is the Most Popular Email Platform, Commanding 46.77% of the Marketshare

96% of Americans Have Made an Online Purchase in their Life

More eCommerce Market Stats

1.79 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online in 2018.

Some Online Shoppers Make Purchases From Social Media

68% of Consumers Said They’d Rather Learn About a Company’s Products Via Short Videos and Demonstrations

U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales are Expected to Surpass 735 Billion by 2023

Email Marketing Contributes to 20% of Traffic Driving Ecommerce Sales

Online Stores That Have a Social Presence Have 32% More Sales on Average Than Online Stores that Don’t

More Than 60 Million Businesses Have a Facebook Page

There Were 1.66 Billion Global Digital Buyers in 2017

Users Who Click On Product Recommendations Lead to a Conversion Rate that is 5.5 Times Higher Than Nonclicking Users

34% of online shoppers are Gen Xers and are between 35 and 54 years old