Do You Like Lower Prices?

54% of Shoppers will Purchase Products Left in Shopping Carts if those Products are Subsequently Offered at a Lower Price

Neil Patel


Statistic Info

Discounts will win back your customers.

The Statistic: 54% of shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts, if those products are offered at a lower price.

Most shoppers are willing to spring for a bargain. If you drop the price on items in their shopping cart, they’re way more likely to buy.

What needs to change: Offer lower prices.

Price is one of your bargaining chips. If you can negotiate the price to gain a sale, then do it. The statistics back you up. You’ll get more than half of shoppers to complete a purchase by just retargeting and shaving a few bucks of their order.

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47% of Website Visitors Check Out a Company’s Products/Services Page Before Looking at any Other Sections of the Site

55% of Online Shoppers Tell Friends and Family When Dissatisfied with a Product or Company

In Q3 2018, Smartphones Accounted for 61 Percent of Retail Site Visits Worldwide

33% of Demand Generation Professionals Say That Generation of MQLs is Their Primary Metric for Success

61% of Companies Run Five or Fewer Landing Page Tests Per Month

Converting Leads to Customers was the Top Marketing Priority for 70% of Organizations in 2017

E-commerce sales account for just 8% of total retail sales in the US and 14% in the UK

Mobile Commerce Hit $700 Billion in Revenue in 2017, Which is More than 300% Growth Over the Past Four Years

Only About 22 Percent of Businesses are Satisfied With Their Conversion Rates

39% of People Will Stop Engaging With a Website if Images Won’t Load or Take Too Long to Load

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About 9% of US Online Retailers have Added Amazon Pay as a Payment Alternative to their Websites

There are Expected to be 600,000 Commercial Drones in use by 2018, and Almost Half of Americans would be Willing to Receive Deliveries by Drone

Exit-Intent Campaigns Convert Between 2-4% of Abandoning Visitors

Americans Spend 64% of their Shopping Budget In-Store

At the Average Abandonment Rate of 68%, Ecommerce Sites Could be Losing $3 Billion a Year, if not more

51% of Consumers Trust Companies Who Make It Easy for Visitors to Contact the People behind the Company

The Average Conversion Rate in AdWords Across all Industries is 2.7% on the Search Network and 0.89% on the Display Network

According to Nielson, 50% of Redeemed Mobile Coupons are Captured Directly from a Retailer’s Site by the Consumer

88% of Shoppers Characterize Detailed Product Content as Being Extremely Important to their Purchasing Decisions

Online Stores are Offering an Average of 3 Payment Methods at Checkout Including Digital Wallets