Do You Like Watching Product Videos?

68% of Consumers Said They’d Rather Learn About a Company’s Products Via Short Videos and Demonstrations



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The usage, spend and consumption of video content are set to increase (again!) in 2019, according to new research, continuing a growth trend that shows little sign of slowing.

People have been talking about it being the ‘year of video’ since way back in 2006, but these latest stats show that, despite its continued growth, video still hasn’t reached saturation point – and it’s here to stay.

In an age where everything is delivered quickly and waiting isn’t encouraged, it’s no wonder why 68% of consumers said they’d rather learn about a company’s products via short videos and demonstrations while 15% said they preferred text-based articles and 4% said they preferred infographics. By 2018, 81% of businesses used video to market and, in 2019, that is expected to increase to 87%.


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