How Much Will Echo Sales Increase Next Year?

Amazon Reports that Echo Sales Increased by 700% in 2017 over 2016, and Competing Devices Proliferated

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50% of all search will be voice? By 2020? That will probably be 10% of actual search volume, but repeated 5 times due to mis-hearings, or poor results, unfortunately. Or it will be a case of voice search being so easy, that we do it naturally to answer absolutely anything.

I’m quite intrigued by the stats in this report (you may be able to tell). 57% of the owners have made a voice purchase is not unfeasible. Most of them are likely to be early-adopters willing to give it a try (I know I would). The interesting stat would be how regularly they do it and if voice-purchase has replaced another form of in-person or online purchase. I’m guessing not (yet), but the figures don’t tell that story.

The other interesting stat is how 20 million devices is 7% of the population. I think that figure is likely over-stated due to multiple purchases of the same system (wire up the house) and testing different systems. Dividing the US population by the numbers of speakers apparently sold doesn’t necessarily give you the % of the population who own one.

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