How Can You Increase Conversion Rates?

Anchor Text CTAs (Clickable Text in a Hyperlink) Increase Conversion Rates by a Whooping 121%

Statistic Info

The surprising 121% conversion is a result of Hubspot adding an anchor text CTA (see screenshot below) in 80 of their high-traffic blogs. However, don’t assume that’s the only thing that got them to this figure. Apparently, credit goes to a combination of factors like organic searches and email marketing efforts. But, one thing is sure: adding anchor text CTAs does work. Want to give it a shot?

Business blogging “best practices” instruct bloggers to include a relevant call-to-action at the bottom of every blog post. This is nothing groundbreaking — it’s how you convert visitors to your blog into valuable inbound leads for your business.

But are those end-of-post calls-to-action (CTAs) really the best option? After all, any conversion rate optimization expert worth their salt knows to take industry “best practices” with, well, a grain of salt.


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Personalized Call-To-Actions Convert 42% More Visitors into Leads than Generic CTAs

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