Do You Buy Online?

Average e-commerce conversion rates vary from 2.8% to 4.5%



Statistic Info

The average ecommerce conversion for desktop is at 3.83% The average ecommerce conversion for mobile is at 2.03% The average ecommerce conversion for tablet is at 3.84%

Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates:
  1. Use high quality images and video on your product pages. …
  2. Offer free shipping. …
  3. Provide limited time coupon codes. …
  4. Be competitively priced. …
  5. Tweak and test your ecommerce checkout process. …
  6. Use cart abandonment software. …
  7. Use live chat software.

More 2019 Stats

Using Video on Landing Pages can Increase Conversion by 80%

Younger People Spend More Time Shopping Online than Older People

Cyber Monday Emails Generated 53 Percent Higher Conversion Rate than Black Friday Emails

Businesses with over 40 Landing Pages Generated a Whopping 12 Times More Leads than those with 1-5 Landing Pages

People are Searching Google for the Phrase “Conversion Rate Optimization” More than Ever Before

The Number One Reason People Shop Online is Because They Can Shop 24/7

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

60% of the Overall Website Traffic is Reported from Mobile Devices

It’s Estimated that there will be 1.92 Billion Global Digital Buyers in 2019

It’s 7 Times More Expensive to Acquire a New Customer via Paid Advertisement than Retain an Existing One

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

Image and Voice Activated Search May Make up 50% of all Searches by 2020

Men Spend 68% More Online Than Women

A ReadyCloud Report Finds that 11% of Retail Internet Minutes were Spent Using a Tablet

Cyber Monday Emails Generated 53 Percent Higher Conversion Rate than Black Friday Emails

Apple Pay Orders have a 1.8% Transaction Share on B2C Websites Accepting Apple Pay at Checkout

Nearly Half (48 percent) of Online Shoppers Simply Head Straight to a Large Ecommerce Marketplace

E-commerce sales account for just 8% of total retail sales in the US and 14% in the UK

Nearly Half of American Small Businesses do not have a Website

About 9% of US Online Retailers have Added Amazon Pay as a Payment Alternative to their Websites

58% of the Top 1000 US Online Retailers Send Welcome Emails