Why Would You Abandon Your Cart?

Average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 74%



Statistic Info

The average abandonment rate is 68%, based on data compiled from 33 different studies on shopping cart abandonment.

That means for every 100 visitors to your store, 68 of them walk away.

Why Shoppers are Abandoning Carts

While every audience segment is different, a lot of consumers have somewhat similar buying habits and preferences in terms of who they give money to. They also share commonalities and frustrations over certain kinds of barriers to making a purchase.

According to data from Statista:

  • 56% of consumers left due to unexpected costs (like extra shipping or taxes)
  • 37% made no purchase because they were just browsing
  • 36% found a better price after comparison-shopping
  • 25% left because the navigation was too complicated
  • 21% felt the process took too long
  • 17% were concerned about security

And these are just some of the many reasons why your customers might be walking away.

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