What are the CSOs doing to adapt virtual selling?

74% of CSOs report they have recently or are currently updating their seller skills profile for virtual selling, and 61% of CSOs are already investing in new technology to enable virtual selling.

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How are the sales offices going to adapt to virtual selling?

When the pandemic began, sales teams had to quickly adapt to a virtual selling environment. To succeed in the long-term, they needed to evaluate their skills and invest in technology. 74% of CSOs have updated their seller skills profile, while 61% are investing in new virtual tools.

As businesses transition to remote selling models, training and development have become a top priority for sales teams. To remain competitive, organizations are creating new strategies and investing in digital technologies to make their sales smoother and more efficient. A digital proposal software is one of those digital technolohies to invest in the new era of sales. Proposal software can be used to streamline the entire sales process from start to finish. It helps sales teams create professional-looking documents quickly and easily, and it can be used to track customer interactions, manage customer data, and automate follow-up tasks. Additionally, proposal software can help sales teams create customized proposals for each customer, ensuring that the right message is delivered every time.

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