What is Your Go-to Demand Gen Channel?

Email Was Still the Go-to Demand Gen Channel for 67% of Marketers, but Search Grew by Almost 10% from Last Year (Moving from 41% to 50%), and Online Ads Climbed 5% (Moving from 16% to 21%)

Statistic Info

Marketers are continuing to rely on multiple channels to drive leads for their pipeline. While email was still the go-to channel for 67% of marketers, search grew by almost 10% from last year (moving from 41% to 50%), and online ads climbed 5% (moving from 16% to 21%).

The importance of cross-channel marketing was also validated when marketers were asked which channels were most effective in terms of early-stage engagement, with search increasing 6% YOY to 56%, social climbing 4% YOY to 44%, and online ads moving 6% YOY to 27%.

When it came to tactics that helped drive conversions in later stages of the funnel, search actually dipped as a tactic (dropping from 26% last year to 18% this year), while retargeting increased 6% (from 21% last year to 27% this year), direct mail climbed 7% (from 13% to 20% this year) and telemarketing posted a big jump (from 32% to 45% this year).

More 2018 Stats

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Organizations With Revenues Under $500 Million Have a Mean Cost Per Lead of Roughly $180; Companies With Revenues Above $500 Million Spend More Than Double That, at Roughly $430 Per Lead

Only 19% of Marketers Said They Are Currently using AI-Powered Applications Today, but 36% of Marketers Said They Are Planning to Deploy Them as Part of their Martech Stack in the next 12 Months

79% of B2B Marketers Credit Email as the Most Effective Distribution Channel for Demand Gen Efforts

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79% of Marketers Already Using Interactive Content Plan to Increase Their Use in the Next 12 Months

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Marketers are Now Experimenting with Buyer Engagement through Formats other than Form Fills: Infographics (59%)