Why Did You Abandon Your Cart?

Exit-Intent Campaigns Convert Between 2-4% of Abandoning Visitors



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I know what you’re thinking.

Yes, exit-intent campaigns are annoying…

But only if you misuse them.

One good practice is adding exit-intent campaigns to your checkout to reduce cart abandonment.

With exit-intent campaigns, you can turn abandoning visitors into email leads or get them to complete their purchase.

Nicehair tested this campaign on their different sites (International site, Danish site, Swedish site, and Norwegian site) for a limited time to see if they could reduce cart abandonment.

They made clear that the discount code needed to be used immediately, encouraging abandoning shoppers to follow through with their purchase.

The average conversion rate of this campaign across all four sites? An amazing 44.76%. That’s right: almost half the visitors who were about to abandon their cart returned to it after seeing this campaign.

But even though these two campaigns performed so well, Nicehair and minimum know the importance of using discounts sparingly.

Offer them too often and your visitors will expect them and stop paying full price. Also, when you don’t use discounts often, you can get away with offering smaller discounts and still have great success with your campaign.

Takeaway: Identify why visitors abandon their cart and try to eliminate that concern in your exit-intent campaigns. Use discounts sparingly and think about what other value you can give to abandoning shoppers. ( For instance, offer to save cart, notify when items go on sale, invite them to get in touch with potential questions, and so on).

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