How Many People Use Their Smartphones to Shop?

In Q3 2018, Smartphones Accounted for 61 Percent of Retail Site Visits Worldwide



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Mobile commerce is slowly gaining up on desktop.

It’s now the preferred device for browsing online. Desktop only accounts for 30% of online retail visits.

But desktop is still the go-to device when it comes to completing orders.

Mobile accounts for 45% of online orders, compared to 61% for desktop.

This creates a challenge for e-commerce:

The purchase path is no longer straightforward.

Consumers hop between channels and devices and their purchase habits are sporadic.

Potential customers will leave items in their cart on mobile and when they return to their cart on desktop—the items are gone.

So, you need to consider the user journey across devices if you want to optimize conversions.

Takeaway: Integrate an omnichannel marketing strategy with real-time information across all channels and devices. This means updating information in real-time, so users can access their cart on any device and immediately check out and continue shopping.

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