How Can You Increase Your Website Loading Speed?

Increasing Your Website Loading Speed Can Prevent The Loss of 7% of Possible Conversions

Statistic Info

No one likes slow websites and often, people leave if loading takes too long. Think about how much frustration you experience when Facebook is slow.

Of course, the upside to this fact is great. Because increasing your website loading speed can prevent that loss of 7% in possible conversions. You can do this by optimizing certain elements on your pages.

The quicker people can access your content, the more likely they are to take a look around. Which leads to more customers in the end.

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Image and Voice Activated Search May Make up 50% of all Searches by 2020

At the Average Abandonment Rate of 68%, Ecommerce Sites Could be Losing $3 Billion a Year, if not more

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50% of Total eCommerce Revenue Comes from Mobile

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40% of People Will Choose a Different Search Result if the First is not Mobile Friendly

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Once on a Company’s Homepage, 64% of Visitors Want to See The Company’s Contact Information

39% of People Will Stop Engaging With a Website if Images Won’t Load or Take Too Long to Load

47% of People Expect a Web Page to Load in 2 Seconds or Less

Once Your Page Loads, Users Form An Opinion in .05 Seconds

48% of Users Say That if They Arrive on a Business Site That Isn’t Working Well on Mobile, They Take it as an Indication of the Business Simply Not Caring

47% of Website Visitors Check Out a Company’s Products/Services Page Before Looking at any Other Sections of the Site

73% of Companies are Investing in Design to Differentiate Their Brands

$6.8 Billion Dollars Are Lost Annually as a Result of Slow-Loading Website