Is it harder to sell virtually?

According to a research conducted by Salesforce, 61% of sellers say it's harder to sell virtually.

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A recent Salesforce study revealed that almost two-thirds of vendors have found it more difficult to make sales in a virtual setting.

The study concluded that the challenge of virtual selling is due to a lack of physical presence and communication between buyers and sellers. To overcome this obstacle, vendors must embrace an omni-channel approach to effectively build relationships with their customers. This means leveraging digital tools such as video conferencing, chatbots, and webinars to make personal connections with customers.

One such tool that can help vendors in this endeavor is online proposal software. This type of software enables users to quickly create customized, professional-looking proposals and contracts while maintaining a personal connection with customers. It also automates the process of tracking and managing customer engagements, allowing vendors to stay organized. Additionally, it provides analytics to help vendors better understand their customer base and improve their sales strategies.

With online proposal software, vendors can create stronger relationships with customers and make more efficient sales pitches even in a virtual setting. It is an essential tool for businesses seeking to increase their success in the digital age.

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