How Many Times Did You Shop Online in 2017?

Mobile 500 Retailers Made Big Gains in 2017, Reporting a 68.5% Increase in Visits and Topping More than 3 Billion Logged Shopping Sessions

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E-commerce is big. Really big. Over the past two years, it’s grown from being an early 90’s fascination into giving brick and mortar retailers a real run for their money. A recent Forbes report predicts that the e-commerce industry will surpass a $2 trillion annual haul in 2017. A related eMarketer report makes a bolder forecast of $4 trillion in retail e-commerce sales by 2020, accounting for 14.6% of all consumer retail spending. A measured 50% five-year growth, when comparing both of these forecasts, gives us a real idea of the juggernaut that this industry – one being fed by emerging technology – has become.

It’s e-commerce statistics such as these that really should open our eyes. About 71% of consumers are shopping online to find the best price, a process that is commonly now referred to as “showrooming” (checking your smartphone for the best price when in a brick and mortar store), and “webrooming” (comparing multiple e-commerce stores to find the lowest price).

According to Business Insider, 50% of shoppers have made more than one purchase in the past year. Tally these numbers up, and technology has helped 198 million shoppers in the U.S. buy something online over the past 12 months. That’s more than 200 million people shopping online, or about two-thirds of the entire U.S. population.

More 2018 Stats

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64% of B2B Marketers Generate Leads via LinkedIn

50% of Total eCommerce Revenue Comes from Mobile

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48% of Users Say That if They Arrive on a Business Site That Isn’t Working Well on Mobile, They Take it as an Indication of the Business Simply Not Caring

Converting Leads to Customers was the Top Marketing Priority for 70% of Organizations in 2017

More than Three-Quarters of Online Shoppers Would Like their Orders Shipped the Same Day

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59% of Customers Completed a Purchase on a Different Device to the One where it was Started

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

Amazon Reports that Echo Sales Increased by 700% in 2017 over 2016, and Competing Devices Proliferated

More than Three-Quarters of Online Shoppers Would Like their Orders Shipped the Same Day

33% of US Females Aged 18-34 Say They Would “Ideally Buy Everything Online”

50% of Total eCommerce Revenue Comes from Mobile

Abandoned Cart Emails Sent within 20 Minutes Have an Average Conversion rate of 5.2%

88% of Online Shoppers Will Use Webrooming to Find the Best Price

30% of Consumers Say The Would Rather Buy from a Website They’ve Bought from Previously

The Total Orders from Mobile Devices Ranges between 38% and 53%