Do All Businesses Offer Their Full Product Line Online?

Nearly Half of U.S. B2B Businesses Offer their Full Product Line Online



Statistic Info

88% of B2B decision makers anticipate offering products in the next five years that will be primarily sold online.

More 2018 Stats

Customer Service Interactions over Twitter Have Increased 250% in the Last Two Years

88% of Online Shoppers Will Use Webrooming to Find the Best Price

64% of B2B Marketers Generate Leads via LinkedIn

More Than 60 Million Businesses Have a Facebook Page

88% of Shoppers Characterize Detailed Product Content as Being Extremely Important to their Purchasing Decisions

68% of Consumers Said They’d Rather Learn About a Company’s Products Via Short Videos and Demonstrations

32% of Online Shoppers Own at Least One Connected Home Device

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies

Micro-Influencers are Capable of Generating 22.2X Higher Conversion Rates than Other Types of Influencers

Americans Spend 64% of their Shopping Budget In-Store