Do You Use a Digital Wallet?

Online Stores are Offering an Average of 3 Payment Methods at Checkout Including Digital Wallets



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While it’s possible to get by with one safe and easy online payment method, many customers are starting to have the expectation of using their favorite payment methods on sites across the web.

With the growing popularity of services like PayPal, Square, and Apple Pay, customers are increasingly able to checkout on a variety of websites without having to spend time adding all their payment and address information for each purchase. Instead they only have to log into an account they use regularly, and in many cases may not even have to do that if their device remembers it.

That creates a more seamless and convenient experience for them—especially on mobile, where a growing number of online purchases are taking place. The more your visitors come to expect this kind of convenience, the less likely they are to bother with a website that makes them do more work.

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