Does Your Landing Page Have a Video?

Only .25% of PPC Landing Pages Have a Video

Statistic Info

Out of 375,000 landing pages only .25% are using video! Really? I guessed low, but this is an all-time low.

Savage discussed how he thinks the reason is intimidation. I understand that producing a video can seem overwhelming from the creative costs, to the production logistics to editing hours tackled on, but Savage explained it’s not as difficult as marketers are making it out to be. Check out Wistia’s learn section. There are likely several people at your company that could tackle quality video production gracefully so don’t be afraid to spice up your landing pages with more engaging content.

More 2018 Stats

As of Q2 2018, 2.86 Percent of E-Commerce Website Visits Converted into Purchases

96% of Marketers Say ‘Segmentation’ is the Most Powerful Method of Improving Conversion Rate

The Top Demand Generation Priorities for 2018 are: 1) Focusing on Lead Quality over Quantity, 2) Improving Conversion Rates and Results, and 3) Generating Increased Lead Volume

Once on a Company’s Homepage, 64% of Visitors Want to See The Company’s Contact Information

There are Expected to be 600,000 Commercial Drones in use by 2018, and Almost Half of Americans would be Willing to Receive Deliveries by Drone

77% of Adults Own a Smart Phone

Anchor Text CTAs (Clickable Text in a Hyperlink) Increase Conversion Rates by a Whooping 121%

72% of Shoppers Return 10% or Less of Purchases

$1 in Every $3 of Monthly Discretionary Income is Spent Online

Almost Half of Consumers List Live Chat as their Preferred Way to Connect, and about the Same Number Say they would Buy from a Chatbot

More Conversion Optimization Stats

On an Average, Businesses Generate $6.50 For Every $1 Invested in Influencer Marketing

Emails with a Single Call-to-Action Increased Sales 1617%

8 out of 10 or 82% of Marketers Say Knowing How to Test Effectively is “Somewhat” or “Very Challenging”

But Removing the Navigation Menu can Increase Conversions by 100%

The Average Conversion Rate of Visitors Who Saw User Generated Content (UGC) is 161% Higher Than Those Who Didn’t

For Every $92 Spent Acquiring Customers, only $1 is Spent Converting Them

Emails with a Single Call-to-Action Increased Clicks 371%

Only About 22 Percent of Businesses are Satisfied With Their Conversion Rates

Referrals Have the Highest Conversion Rates of all Customer Acquisition Channels at 3.74%

Pages that Rank First on Google Search Results on Desktop have a 34.36% Click-Through Rate