How Much Do You Listen To Your Peers?

Peer-Created Content is the Least Likely to be Questioned. Overwhelmed Consumers Turn to Family, Peers, and Colleagues as the Most Trustworthy Content Sources

Statistic Info

The content on your website matters to the user. They want to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. Be strategic about where you place information. It’s not enough to just have it all on the page in one big column. You need to section out the content and guide the user through your story. This breaks the content into digestible pieces and allows the user to skim the page, giving them control over what content they interact with.

More 2018 Stats

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies

Americans Spend 36% of their Shopping Budget Online

30% of Demand Generation Professionals Say that Pipeline Influence is their Top Indicator

48% of Users Say That if They Arrive on a Business Site That Isn’t Working Well on Mobile, They Take it as an Indication of the Business Simply Not Caring

Anchor Text CTAs (Clickable Text in a Hyperlink) Increase Conversion Rates by a Whooping 121%

When Landing Pages Don’t Ask for Age, the Conversion Rate is Higher

72% of Shoppers Return 10% or Less of Purchases

Users Who Click On Product Recommendations Lead to a Conversion Rate that is 5.5 Times Higher Than Nonclicking Users

On Average 29% of B2B Customers are Fully Engaged

61% of Companies Run Five or Fewer Landing Page Tests Per Month

More Design & Development Stats

Once on a Company’s Homepage, 64% of Visitors Want to See The Company’s Contact Information

73% of Companies are Investing in Design to Differentiate Their Brands

Small retailers may see up to 30% higher mobile conversion rates compared to large retailers.

Once Your Page Loads, Users Form An Opinion in .05 Seconds

Increasing Your Website Loading Speed Can Prevent The Loss of 7% of Possible Conversions

47% of People Expect a Web Page to Load in 2 Seconds or Less

48% of People Cited That a Websites Design is the No. 1 Factor in Determining the Credibility of a Business

You Have 10 Seconds to Leave An Impression and Tell Them What They’ll Get Out of Your Website and Company. After This Time (and Oftentimes Before), They’ll Leave

39% of People Will Stop Engaging With a Website if Images Won’t Load or Take Too Long to Load

Organizations in Which Creativity is Highly Valued are 46% More Likely to Have Exceeded their 2017 Business Goals