Does online proposal sofware improve your close rate?

A study by GetAccept revealed that sales reps experienced a 40% improvement in win rates when using online proposal software.

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Have you ever thought about how your sales team could benefit from using online proposal software?

Over recent years, businesses have started to pivot away from traditional methods like faxing, mailing and emailing documents in favor of digital solutions. Innovative technologies such as proposal software can assist sales reps when crafting winning proposals. The 2020 State of Sales report indicated a 40% improvement in proposal win rates for those using a digital platform.

With digital solutions, companies can track proposal activity, provide one-click signature capabilities, automate follow-ups, store documents in the cloud and work from anywhere using any device. Every action taken in the software is tracked and provides real-time insights into the status of a proposal. By having a transparent overview of all sales activities, teams can optimize processes quickly and increase their likelihood of closing deals.

Online proposal software can be an invaluable tool for sales teams to boost their proposal win rates. Businesses should consider investing in an online solution that allows reps to create, track and manage proposals with ease. In this article, we will discuss some ways that sales organizations can leverage the power of proposal software to make their business more successful.

Proposal software can help identify and nurture leads more efficiently, allowing sales reps to be more proactive and reach out to potential customers when they are most receptive. It also provides teams with real-time data on the success rates of their proposals, allowing them to make strategic adjustments quickly. With proposal automation tools, organizations can streamline the proposal process and save time while making sure that the best possible business terms and messages are sent.

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