Can virtual sales help sales reps that are in the field the majority of the time selling face to face?

A study by Skaled revealed that sales reps using virtual presentation tools increased their close rates by 28%

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Are you looking to take your sales presentations to the next level? Have you considered investing in a virtual presentation tool?

As businesses around the world move more and more toward digital solutions for their communication needs, virtual presentation tools are becoming increasingly popular among sales reps. A study conducted by Skaled, an analytics agency specializing in sales technology, revealed that when reps used these tools for their presentations, their close rates increased by 28%.

However, virtual presentations are not without their challenges. Many sales reps still struggle to keep their audiences’ attention in a remote setting and reports have also consistently shown that it can be harder to develop rapport with clients over the phone or video call. To ensure success when delivering remote presentations, sales reps need to familiarize themselves with best practices around engagement, storytelling, and other presentation techniques. Virtual presentation tools offer a variety of features that can help sales teams achieve higher close rates and boost overall performance. This article explores the benefits of using these tools and provides tips on how to make the most out of them.

Virtual presentation tools can offer sales teams a variety of benefits. For example, they can create a more engaging experience for the audience by providing interactive visuals, audio, and video content. Additionally, by reducing in-person meeting costs and travel expenses, these tools can help increase profitability. Furthermore, virtual presentation tools can also help ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page regarding expectations and objectives for each individual sale.

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