Do You Purchase From Social Media?

Some Online Shoppers Make Purchases From Social Media

Big Commerce


Statistic Info

According to a Big Commerce 2018 buying report, huge online retailers like Amazon and eBay are not the only places that online shoppers make purchases. Around 11% of shoppers make a purchase with Facebook, and 6% have made a purchase with Instagram.

More 2018 Stats

77% of Adults Own a Smart Phone

72% of Shoppers Return 10% or Less of Purchases

There are Expected to be 600,000 Commercial Drones in use by 2018, and Almost Half of Americans would be Willing to Receive Deliveries by Drone

88% of Shoppers Characterize Detailed Product Content as Being Extremely Important to their Purchasing Decisions

A ReadyCloud Report Finds that 44% of Retail Internet Minutes were Spent Using a Smartphone Device

On an Average, Businesses Generate $6.50 For Every $1 Invested in Influencer Marketing

Most Midsize to Large Organizations Average Less than 5,000 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) Per Month

More Than 60 Million Businesses Have a Facebook Page

42% of U.S. Consumers Have Searched and Purchased Products or Services Online

Call-To-Actions That Are Surrounded By More Negative Space and Less Clutter Increases a Company’s Conversion Rate by 232%