A new revolutionary and effective sales system for an innovative software delivery platform

AppsAnywhere is a platform that streamlines all of the individual systems that universities need for their students and faculty into one unified app.

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The roadblocks to success.

AppsAnywhere’s sales processes were slow, confusing, and unproductive.

A lot of time was wasted during unnecessary back-and-forth, the whole process was so lengthy that they didn’t have the space to meet with new prospects, and the onboarding procedure for new team members need improvements.

They knew there had to be a better way to get things done.

The Saleslion product is innovative and engaging.

“You know, the concept of Saleslion is absolutely fantastic.

I'm bored of PowerPoint. Customers are bored of PowerPoint.

Taking the sales process to be more interactive, and focused on them, it's just genius. So yeah, I think [Saleslion] is fantastic.”

appsanywhere co-founder
Tony Austwick, Co-Founder of AppsAnywhere


AppsAnywhere hired Saleslion to create an engaging discovery-to-proposal process for every prospect that was easily repeatable and that would engage prospects as PowerPoint presentations could not.

By creating a platform that could be tailored to each client’s unique situation, Saleslion made it easier for new team members to learn about the sales process during onboarding.

Plus, Saleslion’s interactive boards simplified AppsAnywhere’s solution so that they would receive fewer questions during the sales process, helping speed up the entire cycle.

interactive sales experience


The transformation from inefficient and unengaging into a process worth writing home about.

By using Saleslion’s digital sales room in its discovery-to-proposal process, AppsAnywhere connected with more clients in a shorter time span and stood far apart from its competitors.

With the Saleslion digital sales room, AppsAnywhere was able to boost engagement, communicate complex ideas in a simpler way, speed up the process, and onboard new team members.


Saleslion created a bold, engaging software that instantly improved the sales process. 

The new sales platform that AppsAnywhere uses creates a better experience for customers, an optimized process for the company, and a more efficient onboarding for team members.

Saleslion is a win-win-win.

saleslion digital sales room
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