Saleslion Shoutout

Saleslion is revolutionizing the world of sales. And the Saleslion Shoutout is for sales professionals who are doing the same.

Our Criteria

We are here to recognize excellence and innovation in the sales industry.


Individuals or businesses that have demonstrated innovative and creative approaches to the world of sales.

Individuals or businesses that leverage data-driven approaches to make strategic decisions, driving innovation and continuous improvement.

Those who prioritize understanding and meeting customer needs, delivering exceptional experiences, and building long-lasting relationships.

Those that disrupt the status quo, introducing revolutionary sales ideas or technologies that positively impact the industry.

"What a cool shoutout! Thanks so much for making my morning, Saleslion!!"

Alexine Mudawar, CEO

Past Shoutouts

sales professionals

We are always looking for more sales professionals to honor. Nominate your team member here for the next Saleslion Shoutout. 

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