11 Top Tools to Increase  eCommerce Conversion

Conversion Optimization


11 Top Tools to Increase  eCommerce Conversion

It is a thrilling feeling to open up your site metrics dashboard and see a spike in the number of page views.

Your content is reaching an audience, and everything is awesome. Things can turn sour when you realize that the number of form submissions and new leads is stagnant.

What is the value of capturing the attention of an audience if you fail to secure their contact information? Very little. The goal of an effective inbound marketing strategy is converting visitors into leads.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the strategic process of increasing the turning of website visitors into actual leads. It is using data, natural marketing senses, and user behavior to improve conversion. The objective is to inspire a higher percentage of visitors to do more than read your blogs and view your pages. The goal is to make more visitors take action and buy stuff.


What is a reasonable conversion rate?

Conversion rates vary depending on product, industry, target audience, or service. There is no definite number. For example, a typical B2B sit's conversion rate hovers around 2.5%.

Of course, you want to do better than 2.5%, so what is the ideal conversion rate? The top quarter (25%) of landing pages convert at an average of 5.31%. If you want to reach for the stars, you will have to compete with the top 10% and achieve a conversion rate of 11.45%.

Optimizing your contact page is a crucial step, but improving conversion rates will take more than that. Below are some tools that can help you optimize your website's conversion rate.


Replenish Your Arsenal with These Conversion Optimization Tools


1. HubSpot

Starting Price: Free

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform. If you are already using HubSpot, you have a great tool in your arsenal. Certain features of HubSpot are available for free, which is always a welcome bonus.

HubSpot's Exit Intent Software enables you to customize your popups without writing a line of code. The software also integrates with HubSpot CRM.

With HubSpot, you can gain an insight into the behavior of your contacts and your prospects. HubSpot has a simple dashboard that helps you appreciate the performance of your marketing efforts.


2. Unbounce

Starting Price: $99/Month

With Unbounce, you can venture beyond analytics. You can create and test popups, landing pages, and sticky bars without involving developers. Unbounce has a grader-style tool that helps you see how your website pages compare to other players in the industry.

You get insight into certain aspects of your website. Are your images too large? How is image size slowing down your page? You can also run a comprehensive report with recommendations that will improve your conversion rate.


3. Lucky Orange

Starting Price: $10/Month

Lucky Orange is an all-in-one CRO suite. The tool allows you to pinpoint user behavior through a dynamic heat mapping system. You can see the areas where the visitors are clicking and how far down on the page they scroll.

You can also get visitor recordings and form analytics that captures user intentions. Additional features include surveys, live chats, polls, and conversion funnels.


4. Hotjar

Starting Price: $29/Month

Similar to Lucky Orange, you can capture heat maps and screen recordings with Hotjar. The platform provides more options for training than lucky Orange. The significant difference between the two tools is the price difference.  Hotjar is almost three times the cost of Lucky Orange.


5. Crazy Egg

Starting Price: $24/Month

Crazy Egg is a full suite complete with heat maps and click trackers. This tool gives you a clear snapshot of your website users' behavior. You can also perform A/B testing to assess your optimization hunches. This optimization tool can also evaluate link effectiveness by segmenting clicks by sources.


6. Google Pagespeed

Starting Price: Free

Every second that it takes for a website to load is a second too long. The average consumer has little patience, especially when the competition is high. Google Pagespeed will analyze your website's loading speed time and recommend suggestions.


7. Google Analytics

Starting Price: Free

Google is the unofficial king of search engines. As such, the tech giant serves as one of the best sources for research tools. What keywords are people using concerning a specific subject? Google is the answer. Google also provides useful data for CRO. Google Analytics can tell you which devices your website users are using, the demographic they belong to, and how long users take to bounce from your site.

What Google Analytics cannot do is link contact information to visitors. But it's free!


8. AB Tasty

Starting Price: $1,000/Month

Perhaps personalization is the best way to convert visitors into buyers. Personalization is essential to businesses with eCommerce functionality like distributors and wholesalers.

AB Tasty is an all-inclusive platform. It gives your campaigns a personal touch. The platform also offers customer activation and A/B testing. AB Tasty is compatible with many eCommerce platforms and various content management systems.

The price tag is hefty, and it is often associated with larger enterprises.


9. Optimizely

Starting Price: Varies

The key to conversion optimization involves testing, discovering, and deploying a strategy to improve. Optimizely takes care of the testing part. The tool conducts tests across all platforms and devices. The subjects for testing include mobile apps, IoT apps, and TV apps.

Optimizely helps you determine which control groups significantly. The optimization tool also offers multivariate and A/B testing.

Optimizely is a bit coy about pricing structures. Some users indicate that the costs could run up to $50,000 a year. The optimization tools high praise in online reviews could be an indicator of the value of the device to marketers.


10. Sumo

Starting Price: Free

Sumu has many tools that help drive traffic to your site than convert them into leads. Sumo's share tool can increase social media sharing. The optimization tool also features viral components and audience development widget.

Sumo features a "Smart Bar" that entices new visitors and increases email subscriptions. With the tool, you have an easier way for users to signup for webinars, courses, and more.


11. SerpStat

Starting Price: $19/Month

SerpStat is a keyword and backlink research tool that allows you to assess your site's SEO status. With SerpStat's data, you can update your SEO strategy and optimize conversion.

SEO is an essential source of referral traffic. The better you get at SEO, the higher your traffic and leads. SerpStat allows you to monitor the following aspects of SEO:

  • Website ranking
  • Keyword ranking
  • backlink strength
  • Website performance
  • Competitor performance

With the data, you can make informed decisions.


Are You Ready to Optimize Your Website's Conversion Rate

Wouldnt it be easier if there was one tool that can serve all your CRO needs? Unfortunately, that is not our reality. Some tools come close, and others claim to be a one-stop-shop. There is value in leveraging insights from different services.

No one understands your website as your self. No other person can capture your goals as you do. With the information from this article, you can select the best CRO tools that will complement your objectives.

Weigh out the options and pick the right tools for your website. Good luck in your quest to optimize your site's conversion rate.


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