How B2B Sales Consultants Optimize Pricing Strategies

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Pricing is often one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when designing a killer B2B sales process. 

Because B2B solutions are often complex and highly customizable, it can be extremely difficult to accurately communicate the cost of your offerings to prospective clients. 

This lack of comprehension results in confusion during the sales process, lengthy sales cycles, and ultimately lost leads. 

But what if you could develop a strategy that would guarantee your pricing was communicated comprehensively and transparently so that customers would have understanding, trust, and confidence during the sales process?

Wouldn’t you want that?

B2B pricing strategies are the frameworks that guide how businesses value their offerings. 

These strategies go beyond mere cost calculations by incorporating psychological triggers and market dynamics. 

And today we are going to be talking about how B2B sales consulting can help you optimize your pricing strategies so that you can close deals faster and more effectively. 

The Influence of Psychology on Pricing

Before you can truly design a pricing strategy that converts prospects, you need to first understand the psychology of pricing. 

While tools like pricing calculators and CPQ software (more on these later) can be extremely effective at giving your sales process more transparency, you will also need to understand how your customers think to truly impact their decision-making process.

According to an article by Oracle NetSuite, research has shown that certain ways of formatting prices can spark a subconscious response from a customer and encourage a purchase.

Price Anchoring

price anchoring

Price anchoring is a powerful psychological pricing technique that leverages the human tendency to rely heavily on the first piece of information encountered when making a decision.

In the context of B2B sales consulting, price anchoring involves strategically presenting a higher-priced option on your pricing page before revealing the target product or service price.

The initial high price creates a reference point against which the actual price seems more reasonable and attractive.

By skillfully using price anchoring, B2B sales consultants can help you shift your customer’s focus from the price itself to the value they are receiving for their investment, enhancing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Charm Pricing

charm pricing

Charm pricing involves ending prices with digits that are perceived as more aesthetically pleasing or emotionally appealing. For example, pricing a product at $9.99 instead of $10.00.

By using a B2B sales consulting service, you can incorporate charm pricing into various products or services, aiming to create a psychological impact on potential buyers.

Charm pricing is widely accepted for its effectiveness in influencing perceptions. Although the difference between $9.99 and $10 might be minimal in practical terms, the visual and emotional appeal of the lower number can lead to increased conversions.

Odd-Even Pricing

odd-even pricing

Odd-even pricing involves using odd numbers for one set of products or services and even numbers for another set.

This technique is based on the psychological principle that odd prices appear to be significantly lower than even prices.

For instance, pricing a software package at $499 (odd) rather than $500 (even).

Through B2B sales consulting expertise, odd-even pricing can be applied strategically to influence buyer perceptions.

Effective B2B sales consultants will likely also guide their customers to implement this technique for specific offerings or situations where price sensitivity is a factor.

Decoy Pricing

decoy pricing

Decoy pricing involves introducing a third, less attractive option (decoy) alongside two main options to influence buyers' decisions.

The decoy is deliberately designed to make one of the main options appear more appealing in comparison. B2B sales consultants utilize decoy pricing to strategically guide clients' customers toward a preferred choice while maintaining perceived value.

B2B sales consulting services can help you with your pricing strategy by using decoy pricing when presenting different service or product tiers to clients' customers.


center stage

Center-stage pricing involves positioning a particular product or service as the centerpiece of a pricing strategy.

This technique is often used to draw attention to a high-value offering that serves as the anchor for other options. By positioning a premium product in the center of a pricing lineup, businesses can influence customers' perception of value and encourage them to consider higher-priced options.

B2B sales consultants often recommend center-stage pricing by highlighting its ability to guide customer choices and emphasize the importance of the featured product or service.

Consultants will be able to help you select the most appropriate offering to place in the center stage based on market trends, customer preferences, and business objectives.

This technique can be particularly effective in B2B sales, where showcasing value can drive decision-making for larger investments.

These pricing techniques are valuable tools in the arsenal of B2B sales consultants, as they tap into the psychology of pricing to influence buyer behavior and maximize the effectiveness of pricing strategies for their clients.

Perceived Value and Pricing

Perceived value is a critical concept in the world of pricing. 

It refers to the subjective worth that a customer assigns to a product or service based on their perceptions, beliefs, and individual preferences. This perceived value is often influenced by factors such as quality, functionality, brand reputation, customer service, and the emotional benefits derived from the product or service.

In pricing decisions, the perceived value holds immense significance. 

The price a customer is willing to pay for a product or service is largely determined by how much value they believe they will gain from it. If the perceived value exceeds the price, customers are more likely to make a purchase, even at a higher cost. On the other hand, if the price surpasses the perceived value, customers may be hesitant to buy, leading to lost sales opportunities.

How B2B Sales Consultants Can Help You Enhance Perceived Value

B2B sales consultants play a crucial role in helping companies like yours identify and enhance the perceived value of their offerings. Here's how they approach this:

Needs Assessment

Consultants work closely with sales teams to understand the unique needs and challenges of their target audience. By identifying pain points and areas of improvement, they can tailor the value proposition to address these specific concerns.

Solution Customization

B2B sales consulting services assist companies in customizing their offerings to align with the specific requirements of their customers. This ensures that the product or service provides tangible benefits that directly address the customer's business objectives.

Highlighting Benefits

Consultants focus on communicating the benefits and outcomes that their B2B customers’ offerings can deliver. Sales reps can then use that to emphasize how these benefits can positively impact their customer's operations, efficiency, profitability, and overall success.


B2B sales consultants help businesses differentiate their offerings from competitors. This might involve highlighting unique features, advanced technology, exceptional quality, or industry expertise that sets the client's product or service apart.

Communicating Unique Value Propositions and Justifying Higher Prices

Another benefit of using B2B sales consulting services for optimized pricing strategies is that consultants can often employ several strategies to effectively communicate the unique value proposition of your offerings to justify higher prices.

B2B sales consultants can utilize value storytelling, presenting stories of how the client's solution addressed similar challenges for other businesses, enabling customers to envision its positive impact. 

They also demonstrate return on investment (ROI) through data-driven analysis, showcasing how the benefits of the product outweigh costs over time. 

Real-world case studies can be employed to provide tangible evidence of the value delivered to other businesses. 

Additionally, consultants often conduct comparative analyses, highlighting the superior value of the B2B customer’s offering compared to alternatives.

B2B Sales Consultant Strategies for Optimizing Pricing

So now that we are clear on the importance of psychology when arranging pricing for your customers and prospects, let’s explore how B2B sales consulting can assist you further.

B2B sales consulting significantly contributes to optimizing pricing strategies by leveraging industry insights and expertise.

Consultants analyze market trends, customer behaviors, and competitive landscapes to identify pricing gaps and opportunities. They work with businesses to segment their customer base, enabling tailored pricing plans that align with unique needs.

Also, as stated above, consultants can help you refine value propositions, enhancing the perception of offerings and justifying premium pricing. They provide negotiation support, ensuring favorable pricing terms in complex B2B deals. Moreover, they assist with change management during pricing strategy implementation and continually monitor effectiveness, suggesting adjustments as needed.

Additionally, they can help you find tools to enhance your pricing processes. For example, the effectiveness of pricing calculators, when integrated into strategies, enhances transparency and empowers customers to make informed decisions, further optimizing pricing approaches.

website pricing calculator

Pricing calculators and CPQ software are tools that allow B2B sales teams to generate quotes for customized products. And when combined with optimized pricing strategies, they can make your sales process irresistible.

Below are several strategies that B2B sales consulting services can offer to optimize your pricing.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing involves offering different packages or levels of the product or service, each with its own set of features and pricing. This strategy caters to a wide range of customer segments with different needs and budgets.

For example, a software company might offer basic, standard, and premium packages with increasing levels of functionality, as in the images above.


Bundling involves combining multiple products or services into a single package at a discounted price compared to buying each item separately. This strategy encourages customers to purchase more and perceive greater value.

A B2C example is a telecommunications company offering a bundle of internet, TV, and phone services.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing entails adjusting prices in real time based on factors such as demand, seasonality, competitor pricing, and customer behavior. This strategy maximizes revenue by capturing the willingness to pay of different customer segments.

Saleslion’s digital sales room uses dynamic pricing within its technology resulting in much success.

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the main takeaways from this article:

  • Perceived Value: Perceived value is crucial in pricing decisions, as customers' willingness to pay is driven by their belief in the benefits they will receive from a product or service.
  • B2B Sales Consulting: B2B sales consultants play a pivotal role in enhancing perceived value by tailoring offerings, showcasing benefits, and differentiating from competitors.
  • Communication Strategies: Consultants employ value storytelling, ROI demonstration, case studies, and comparative analysis to effectively communicate value propositions and justify higher prices.
  • Optimizing Pricing: B2B sales consultants optimize pricing through data analysis, segmentation, pricing model selection, strategic discounting, tiered pricing, bundling, and dynamic pricing.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Consultants monitor pricing strategy effectiveness and recommend adjustments to fine-tune approaches for optimal results.
  • Pricing Calculators: Integrating pricing calculators enhances transparency and empowers customers to make informed decisions, contributing to more effective pricing strategies.

Incorporating these takeaways into B2B sales strategies can lead to more strategic pricing decisions, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased sales performance, and improved business profitability.

Additionally, if you are interested in scaling your pricing strategy with the expertise of B2B sales consulting, reach out to us today!

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