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Understanding the data associated with your sales process is key to the success of your B2B company. Using the insights gained from tracking sales analytics and performances will allow you to make informed decisions.

Whether the data shows elements that get the highest engagement from customers or it highlights where your sales process is weakest, being data-driven is vitally important. 

Being data-driven is more than being a mind reader. With sales analytics, you want to know what the prospect is thinking before you even have to ask. 

And that is the sign of a great sales representative is that they are able to quickly and effectively anticipate the needs and wants of their customers. 

Today we are going to be talking about why sales analytics are important and how you can improve your processes with data tracking.


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Sales Analytics Allow You to Anticipate Customer Needs

Historically, the skill of anticipation was tied to personality. You either were able to anticipate well, or you weren’t.

But today it’s different. Today we've got tools that can make any salesperson or sales team extremely effective mind-readers.

So even if you or members of your team don’t have the skills of being able to understand people’s needs before they are spoken, sales analytics platforms (below) or data tracking features in digital sales rooms allow you to analyze information about your customers so that you can predict behavior and expect actions.

sales analytics

Especially during the early stages of the sales process, anticipating customer needs by utilizing sales analytics can do wonders for customer satisfaction and user retention.

Data tracking can also be used to enhance customer support strategies to help stay ahead of any potential issues and provide timely solutions.

Data Gives You the Opportunity to Take Action at the Right Time

Similarly to being able to read people’s minds and anticipate their problems, utilizing data analytics tools will allow your sales team to take action at the right time. 

Taking the right action at the right time can look like sending over an explainer video for a new lead who is curious to learn more about the solutions you offer or following up with a prospective customer so trust is built.

Taking action at the right time is an amazing way to influence your sales process and move prospects further down the sales funnel with little resistance. 

Companies that do not take into account the importance of data are similar to archers shooting in the dark. When they are interacting with prospects and they take their shot, hoping to close a deal and land a new client, they usually completely miss the mark. 

Without data and sales analytics, you will not be able to take action at the right time and build a successful company. 

Information From Analytics Will Help You Improve Processes

The final reason why sales analytics are important for your business is that trends and other information are going to help you and your sales teams improve.

Getting an effective sales process is not a one-and-done deal. Instead, constant improvement and optimization are required for sales. What works well now might still be effective 10 years from now, and that’s okay. That is where analytics comes in.

For many years, we at Saleslion have been paying attention to what systems and processes work best. Along with investing time into understanding data from websites, social media, and campaigns, we are also constantly asking ourselves questions.

Do we need to change this process?

What can we test to see what works and what doesn’t?

Will this work better in this scenario or in that scenario? 

And as we gathered that data and watched those sales trends, we were able to make improvements so that over a two-year, a five-year, or a ten-year period, our close rate goes up and our effort goes down.

data and analytics

With data and analytics, your sales team too can visualize those trends so that you can optimize your sales process and get the most out of deals. This in turn will give your company a much higher ROI on any sales or marketing engagement, allowing sales revenue to increase quickly.

3 Strategies to Improve Sales with Data and Analytics

Ultimately you want to be using data to stay informed and timely. Some strategies to ensure that you are using data to the best of your abilities include using data to point out blindspots, leveraging data to give timely responses, and using analytics to understand customer behavior. 

Using Data to Point Out Blindspots

Data will help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t. It will allow the sales representatives of your company to see interactions, open rates, and engagement. 

And when it is analyzed effectively it can point out blind spots in your sales process, systems, and sales strategies that nothing else can.

Leveraging Data to Give Timely Responses

Follow-ups are one of the most imperative things you can do to set the scene right in the early stages of the sales cycle. 

Using data to ensure that your responses and follow-ups are timely and well-received can be extremely beneficial for conversion rates.

Using Analytics to Understand Customer Behavior

The final way to improve sales with data is by using analytics to understand customer behavior. If you can begin to understand how prospective customers think by watching what they do, you will become a killer sales rep. 

It is not just about trying to deliver content to them but about trying to get into their mind so that you know exactly who you are selling to and how to serve them best.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, sales analytics is a powerful tool for you to use to gain meaningful insight into their performance and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging data-driven decisions, you can make better-informed decisions, maximize opportunities, and optimize the overall customer experience. 

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