Customer Engagement

20 Digital Sales Room KPIs for Your Sales Team

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the metrics by which you can measure your company’s success. Tracking KPIs will help your B2B company stay focused on what matters most, rather than getting […]

Maximize Your Efforts with Sales Analytics

Understanding the data associated with your sales process is key to the success of your B2B company. Using the insights gained from tracking sales analytics and performances will allow you […]

How Marketing Consistency Improves Sales

Being consistent is essential for any B2B company seeking to build trust with its customers. From prioritizing marketing consistency to maintaining quality customer service long after the deal is closed, […]

How a Personalized Sales Process Will Help Your Company Scale

Like comprehension and differentiation, personalization is another vitally important process in both marketing and sales processes. In today’s modern-day world, people want to feel like things are made just for them. […]

How to Create a Comprehensive Sales Process

Comprehension is a huge factor in creating an effective sales process. It is so important in fact, that Saleslion itself was dreamed up from this idea of making it easier for […]

10 Strategies to Get Repeat Sales from eCommerce Customers

There is a 27% chance that a first-time customer will make a second purchase. A repeat customer is 54% more likely to return for more shopping. Repeat customers are also likely to spend more money on their purchases.

6 Great Tactics & Tools for eCommerce Customer Engagement

The easiest way for you to stand out of the crowd in eCommerce is by improving customer engagement to drive loyalty and upsell.

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