15 B2B Sales Statistics To Help You Sell Better In 2023

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The importance of statistics in sales cannot be overstated, as they provide valuable insights into the habits and strategies of top performers.

Below we have 15 key B2B sales statistics for 2023 that you need to know if you want to have successful sales. 

b2b sales statistics

76% of top performers say they always perform research before reaching out to prospects.

When it comes to achieving outstanding sales results, more than three-fourths of top sales professionals credit their success to their diligent research efforts before contacting potential B2B buyers. 

By thoroughly understanding the prospects' needs, pain points, and preferences, these high achievers can tailor their approach and deliver more targeted solutions.

Researching prospects also demonstrates a genuine interest in service which will boost trust between customers and companies as well. 

Top performers discuss product features less than other team members by 50%.

Along with entering into preliminary conversations with preparation and research, high-performing sales professionals also distinguish themselves by differing from their colleagues in how they engage in product discussions. 

They instead focus less on highlighting product features and instead prioritize active listening and understanding B2B customer requirements. 

This approach sets them apart by emphasizing the importance of addressing customer needs over a mere product-centric approach. This also allows sales reps to provide a more personalized and customized sales process that best suits the specific needs of their prospects.

89% of buyers say they are more likely to consider a brand if a seller changes the buyer’s way of thinking.

The power of persuasion plays a crucial role in capturing buyer interest, as evidenced by almost all buyers who claim they are more likely to consider a brand if a salesperson manages to influence their way of thinking.  

Buyers want to be challenged by sellers. 

By confronting existing perspectives, offering fresh insights, and effectively communicating the value of their offerings, sellers can shape buyers' thoughts and increase the likelihood of winning their business.

Top-performing sales reps use conversational selling and “pitch” their offer only 7% of the time.

Another way top-performing sales reps differentiate themselves from others is by how they build relationships with prospects and B2B buyers. Successful sales reps employ conversational selling techniques, recognizing that overly scripted pitches can be off-putting. 

Instead, they choose to treat the prospects as humans and engage in genuine conversations with them, actively listening with empathy to their needs, concerns, and objectives. These top performers use traditional sales pitches sparingly, representing only 7% of their interactions. By adopting this approach, they build rapport, foster trust, and establish stronger connections with potential customers.

So, if you are a sales rep interested in increasing your close rates, consider pitching less and instead focus on building relationships more. 

35-50% of sales go to the company that responds first.

We have talked about speed in the sales process, and we’ll talk about it again. In the competitive world of sales, timing is critical. 

Research suggests that close to half of the sales go to the company that responds first to a customer's inquiry or request. 

This B2B sales statistic underscores the importance of prompt and efficient responsiveness in capturing opportunities. Companies that prioritize swift communication and follow-ups can gain a significant advantage by capitalizing on potential leads before their competitors have a chance to engage.

Sales enablement can lead to a 6-20% increase in sales.

According to this article, sales enablement refers to the process, platform, or tool companies use to enhance their sales processes, increase the effectiveness of sales teams, and close more deals, faster. 

While representing a wide range, this B2B sales statistic highlights how much of a positive impact companies can receive from implementing sales enablement into their organization’s systems. 

As sales enablement can help boost customer engagement and satisfaction during the B2B sales process and can even maximize the effectiveness of sales reps, it is not surprising that it can lead to an increase in sales. 

54% of sellers believe sales technology is a great resource for building stronger relationships with their buyers.

Sales technology encompasses a range of digital tools, platforms, and software designed to support the sales process. 

This statistic reveals that a majority of sellers recognize the value of leveraging sales technology in cultivating and nurturing stronger relationships with their buyers. These tools enable sellers to streamline communication, track customer interactions, gather insights, and provide personalized experiences, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and fostering better relationships.

This B2B sales statistic should also serve as a reminder that if you are not utilizing sales tools to improve your sales teams’ effectiveness, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to improve customer relationships and nurture customer loyalty.

80% of B2B sales interactions will happen in digital channels by 2025.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, this popular statistic emphasizes the growing importance of digital channels in B2B sales. 

With technological advancements and changing buyer preferences, the majority of sales interactions are projected to shift to digital platforms, such as email, video conferences, chatbots, and social media. Because of this, businesses need to be able to adapt their sales strategies and invest in digital capabilities to effectively engage with B2B buyers in the evolving digital landscape.

For companies that are struggling with digital sales, sales strategy consulting options can be incredibly helpful in assisting with remote selling. 

54% of sales reps say digital sales tools help them win over more prospects.

Another compelling B2B sales statistic on digital sales technologies acknowledges that over half of sales reps understand that sales tools can help them increase close rates and conversions. 

Sales professionals are recognizing the value of leveraging digital sales tools in their prospecting efforts. These tools can include customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email automation, social selling platforms, digital sales rooms, and data analytics, which enable sales reps to better understand prospects, tailor their approaches, and improve conversion rates.

84% of sales reps achieve their quotas when their employer incorporates a best-in-class sales enablement strategy.

Especially in today’s digital age where competition is stronger and it is harder to get in front of prospects than it was previously, having a sales enablement strategy can be incredibly beneficial for sales reps. 

This statistic highlights the important role sales enablement software can play in the internal productivity of sales teams as it can help sales reps achieve their quotas and ultimately boost revenue growth for the company. 

With comprehensive sales training and technology platforms to help streamline sales cycles, sales enablement strategies can be crucial assets of B2B companies. 

54% of sales professionals believe it's more difficult to get in front of prospects than it was 5 years ago.

The world of sales has changed. Dramatically. And with this change comes some inherent difficulties. Many sales professionals perceive a growing challenge in gaining access to potential customers. 

From challenges in buyer behavior due to remote selling to increased competition both locally and globally, evolving sales landscapes have made it harder for salespeople to secure meaningful engagement with prospects. 

If you are a sales rep, two ways to improve your ability to get in front of prospects are through communities and social selling. Investing in communities and connecting with prospects via social media can help build trust between you and the potential buyer.

Also, companies like Saleslion revolutionize sales by providing a blend of sophisticated sales technologies and consulting services, B2B businesses can once again get in front of prospects and close deals.

Ongoing sales coaching of sales reps can improve win rates by as much as 29%.

Sales coaching refers to the process of providing continuous training, guidance, and support to sales representatives. And from this B2B sales statistic, we see the substantial impact of ongoing coaching on sales performance.

By investing in coaching programs that focus on skill development, sales strategies, and product knowledge, organizations can significantly improve their sales team's ability to win deals and close more successful sales.

97% of B2B sales organizations rank re-skilling as their top priority.

As previously mentioned, the world of sales has changed dramatically and continues to do so. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, continued growth and learning are essential. 

Re-skilling refers to the process of acquiring new skills or updating existing ones to adapt to changing business environments.  

This statistic reflects the strong emphasis placed by B2B sales organizations on enhancing the skill sets of their sales teams. Companies that prioritize re-skilling initiatives equip their sales professionals with the knowledge and capabilities needed to navigate changing customer expectations, technologies, and industry trends.

83% of sales managers need help creating sales messages that spark customer attention.

This B2B sales statistic highlights a common challenge faced by sales managers in crafting impactful sales messages. 

Because a significant majority of sales managers feel the need for assistance in developing compelling and attention-grabbing messages that resonate with B2B buyers, tools like digital sales rooms that incorporate interactive and engaging features are extremely helpful. 

Effective sales messages are crucial in capturing customer interest, articulating value propositions, and differentiating products or services in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

75-80% need help setting goals and building a prospecting strategy.

This statistic indicates that a considerable percentage of sales managers require support in two key areas: goal setting and prospecting strategy. Similarly to previous statistics, sales consulting and training can be a great fix for these sales strategy problems. 

It is essential to set clear and measurable sales goals to drive performance and motivate sales teams. Additionally, developing effective prospecting strategies, which involves identifying and approaching potential customers, is crucial for generating new leads and expanding the customer base.

The data shows these two challenges are universal struggles that sales managers face. Because these measurements have to be constantly reviewed and adjusted, it is important for sales managers to be actively aware of industry trends, utilize tools to help with the analysis of metrics, and engage with external resources who can support them.

Key Takeaways

The sales landscape is evolving and constantly presenting new challenges and opportunities for sales professionals and organizations. And as digital selling practices become more and more sophisticated, it is important to invest in the most effective sales tools, techniques, and training in order to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Understanding these B2B sales statistics can help you and your sales team make better, more informed decisions about your company. 

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