What Is In the Saleslion Digital Sales Room?

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Identifying the right sales enablement tool for your company can be daunting. You have to narrow down which tools fit your specific needs, how your sales team can use them to become more productive, and if it aligns with overall business objectives. 

This process can be overwhelming, to say the least.

And here at Saleslion, we offer a special kind of sales enablement software: a digital sales room. 

Understanding the structure and functionality of a digital sales room will allow you to maximize the various tools within the platform and assist your sales team to reach its full potential. 

The Saleslion digital sales room is designed as a sophisticated but easy-to-use system for B2B companies. After understanding the interactive features, data tracking systems, and collaboration platforms, teams can optimize their sales cycle in the best way possible. 

Because there are such a wide range of sales enablement systems out there, today we are going to be talking about what is in the Saleslion digital sales room. This article will help you understand how Saleslion is different from other sales enablement platforms and if it is the right fit for your B2B company. 

What Makes Saleslion Different from Other Sales Enablement Tools

Saleslion is one of the best sales enablement software for companies with complex solutions.

As opposed to sales templates or plug-and-play sales rooms, Saleslion plans out, designs, and sets up the digital sales room for B2B companies so that they have a working digital sales room to add to their tech stack.

digital sales room

These rooms allow companies to personalize the sales experience for their customers and tailor solutions. And for companies that want to present their products in a sophisticated manner to prospects, the customization features of the Saleslion digital sales room are incredibly effective.

Saleslion makes it easy for enterprise companies to communicate their complex solutions to prospective customers in consumable and engaging ways. Because many B2B companies struggle with communicating their message in a way that prospects can easily comprehend, this aspect of the Saleslion digital sales room solves this comprehension issue.


The Saleslion digital sales room is extremely functional as it is all-encompassing, assisting with sales process engagement, collaboration, and sales analytics.

With spaces for personalized videos and documents, it is easy for companies to communicate with prospects and provide them with the necessary resources that they need to make an informed decision.

Also, interactive tools such as solutions boards and mutual action plans (more on these later) boost engagement levels of prospects by fostering collaboration between buyer and seller.

And finally, with sales analytics features, companies can track customer behavior in real-time and adjust their strategies in order to best serve the prospect and close more deals.

Ease of Use

The words ‘sophisticated’ and ‘easy to use’ don’t often go hand in hand in a sentence when describing a product.

For example, think about Salesforce. The CRM that Salesforce offers is one of the best in the world and with data and analytics, lead management systems, and even mobile responsiveness, Salesforce is probably the most sophisticated software when it comes to customer relationship management.

With all that being said, there is a bit of a learning curve to mastering the Salesforce platform. It probably would not win first place for the most user-friendly CRM tool available.

But Saleslion is different.

As a sophisticated platform that is also easy to use, the Saleslion digital sales room sets itself apart from others by providing a way for complex ideas to be communicated in simple and interactive ways. It is easily integrated into sales and marketing teams’ current processes and has almost no learning curve to mastering the platform.


The Saleslion digital sales room is also scalable. Unlike plug-in-play solutions that are rigid, standardized, and inflexible, the customization of Saleslion allows it to continue being effective even as the company grows and scales its business.

Also, as sales reps can easily be trained to use it, it can easily be adopted across sales and marketing teams with little friction.

The 4 Components That Make Saleslion So Effective

The Saleslion digital sales room helps businesses drastically improve close rates and boost engagement during the deal cycle.

But what exactly makes it so effective?

Document sharing spaces, personalized videos, data and analytics systems, and interactive tools.

These four components distinguish the Saleslion digital sales room by streamlining the sales process, boosting engagement, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving close rates.

Document Sharing

Efficient document management is a crucial element of any digital sales room.

By implementing an effective document management system, sales leaders can effortlessly collect and send relevant content to potential buyers, assisting them to make informed decisions.

document sharing

The document-sharing systems of Saleslion help streamline the sales process by allowing prospects to find the resources they need to answer any questions at any time of the day. This also allows sales reps to focus on more important tasks like building relationships with customers.


In today's world, video has become one of the most commonly used forms of communication. Numerous research studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficiency of videos for marketing and sales activities.

Including videos not only helps increase engagement but videos that are tailored to the specific customer increase trust and loyalty. Saleslion’s digital sales room allows spaces for both explainer videos and introductory videos to improve the quality of the sales experience for customers.

Data and Analytics

As stated by an article on becoming a data genius, “without tracking, business owners simply cannot know what works and what does not.”

Data and analytics are a crucial part of the Saleslion digital sales room as these metrics allow companies to know what works and what doesn’t in their sales process and adjust accordingly to increase the productivity of their sales team.

Interactive Tools

The final component that sets the Saleslion digital sales room apart and makes it so efficient is the interactive tools that Saleslion provides.

While document sharing, video communication, and analytics tracking are all common components of a digital sales room, Saleslion’s interactive tools offer unique features that are highly valued by customers.

The features offered by using these tools allow sales reps to keep track of the individual needs of each customer, to collaborate with customers on the solution based on their needs and keep the sales process transparent.

The Saleslion Digital Sales Room Key Features

For B2B companies that provide a complex solution or service, it is easy for prospects to either misunderstand what is being sold or to become disengaged and lose interest in continuing down the funnel.

With the key features of the Saleslion digital sales room offers though, companies can have both collaboration and comprehension with customers, making for a successful sales process.

The three main interactive features in the Saleslion digital sales room are ranking boards, solutions boards, and pricing sliders.

Ranking Boards

priority board

These boards are perfect for discovery calls as they allow sales team members to assess the prospect’s priorities. Using these collaborative boards allow for the sales process to be optimized and focused on the buyer's needs.

After the discovery call, when the prospects are given access to the digital sales room, they can adjust their priorities as needed so that by the next conversation, both the sales team and the prospect have a defined direction for the sales process.

Solutions Boards

saleslion digital sales room

These boards allow for collaboration between the company and customer to define a monthly plan once the solution is implemented that accommodates the customer’s specific schedule.

Using these boards increases the transparency of the sales process so that prospects know exactly what they will be getting once the deal is closed and how that solution will be implemented over the course of the onboarding process.

Solutions boards also demonstrate to the customer that the company is eager to customize a product that fits their position specifically rather than giving them a copy-and-paste solution.

Pricing Sliders

pricing calculators

This interactive tool gives companies the ability to tailor the solution so that it fits the customer’s budget and unique wants and needs.

While similar to solutions boards, pricing sliders and calculators are specifically designed to allow customers to visualize what aspects of the solution they will receive based on the budget that they are able to work with. This feature also gives the sales experience transparency and helps streamline the process.

Key Takeaways

The Saleslion digital sales room provides numerous benefits to B2B companies by streamlining the sales process and improving overall efficiency. Because the platform allows companies to communicate complex solutions in simple and engaging ways, it also helps increase close rates. 

Overall, the Saleslion digital sales room is an impressive tool that can help businesses revolutionize their sales processes. 

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