Understand Your Audience’s Need & Desire for a Configurator



Understand Your Audience’s Need & Desire for a Configurator

Virtually everybody experiences some form of online shopping, but most sites that customers go through are more or less the same be it for a car or for a pair of shoes.

Product configurators are the main reason why online shopping has gained so much steam in the recent years. It allows audiences to make well informed decisions regarding the products they are about to buy.

Configurators make the online shopping experience more detail oriented. Shoppers can not only view product details, but can also preview the specific images of their desired product. Furthermore, they also let people choose other options along with giving them the liberty to change existing ones.

The United States’ E-Commerce industry made a massive total of 504.6 billion in 2018. Product configurators in their many forms have had a huge impact on that growth and especially for products that can't be sold without configuration.

Understanding What the Audience Wants

As it is abundantly clear by now, audiences have become more sophisticated than ever. They look at every fine detail before deciding whether they should or shouldn’t buy a product online.

Understanding what they are exactly looking helps to create a configurator that meets their needs and desires. For instance, if you provide audience members to choose or personalize various product attributes like colors, shape, features, and size, they will get the precise product they needed.

The Days of Standard Products are No More

No one wants to buy ordinary products anymore. Everyone wants the ability to customize things and make them exactly how they desire. Configurators can offer them precisely that. In addition to customizing their products, audiences can also find out price changes whenever they view their products.

Sometimes customers tend to choose incompatible components for their products, configurators come in handy for avoiding these scenarios as you can program them to hide incompatible product recommendations.

This heavy equipment configurator shows the user precisely what they will be getting through a three dimensional animation.

Customers Do Not Want Complexity

There are quite a lot of venders who think that their products would be too complex for E Commerce solutions to handle. This is particularly true for products that belong in the B2B landscape as they have a plethora of calculations, options, and features involved. Introducing product configuration simplifies complex products by letting customers piece them together by themselves. It is far more convenient than creating a lengthy product catalogue that mentions every single permutation.

Audiences Want Easy Accessibility

People want their products immediately, which is why most audiences consider how quickly their ordered product will reach them. Since not everybody sits in front of their laptops or personal computers, the fastest possible way to order products is through mobile phones. Online shopping through mobile phones is all the rage these days. Mobile product configurators make online shopping a breeze. They are quite similar to web product configurators but with a few tweaks here and there.

Web product configurators are perfect for the B2C community while mobile product configurators are suitable for B2B as they incorporate different customization and personalization aspects for mobile phone users.
Mobile configurators offer easy accessibility since they provide more options. It is an excellent solution for companies who offer unique products that not many people in the market have been exposed to.

People Like to Take their Time with Products

No one likes pushy salespeople trying to rush them into buying a product. People want to take their time to decide what would suit their needs the most. This is where product configurators make things easier for the customers as they provide audiences as much time as they want to explore their options. There is no rush or pressure to find the right size, color, or style. It lets users consult with their business partners, families, and friends, and once they are ready – they will buy.

A great thing about product configurators is that they are an excellent online visual medium for audiences. Sometimes, words are just not sufficient to describe a product’s values; product configurators eliminate this problem for the customers, which also decrease the chances of product returns.

Numerous brands noticed an 80% decrease in their online returns due to their configurator’s ability to show them precisely what they are getting.

This is the Age of Self Service

Product configurators are revolutionary tools that provide customers a lot of flexibility to customize their products. Where e Commerce stores just allow companies to offer materials from their inventories, configurators are programmed to steer clear from unfavorable product combinations be it for regulatory reasons or technical purposes. This significantly reduces the processing, corrections, and order entry time. It also makes customers happier and reduces costs for companies.

Audiences Prefer Visual Feedback

A major reason behind the success of product configurators is that it encourages creativity in customers. Their product creations make them artistically invested. Once customers configure products, for example, cars – they tend to share these creations on their profiles on various social media platforms. This interests other prospects as well. They click on the shared links and try their hand at configuration too. This visual feedback process is not only entertaining but also makes it easy for customers to purchase complex products. Configurators eliminate the constraints of limited inventory or product experts. Its customization options empower customers and offer them convenience.

Amazon Showroom is an excellent example that testifies the efficiency of visual feedbacks. This virtual space for designing allows shoppers to arrange, customize, and buy customized furniture from a virtual living room. It garnered great reviews and helped businesses increase their sales.

What an Ideal Configurator Should Do for Customers

Companies should give a lot of importance making things simpler for their audiences. This is particularly true when it comes to developing configurators. Audiences do not want to get overwhelmed with tons and tons of product functionalities. It is vital to consider a variety of criteria when developing a configurator. First of all, steer clear from confusing customers during the configuration process. More importantly, configurators should be capable of conveying fun, motivating, and encouraging audiences to purchase products.

If you implement your configuration process with a lot of forethought and research, chances are that your brand’s experience will make a lasting impression on your audiences. In this modern age where, individualization is the key to success and configurators are handy tools to provide a user friendly interface to audiences.

Final Verdict

Once you understand the needs and desires of your company’s particular audience, you will have no problem in creating a lasting brand impression. It will improve conversions, which in turn will increase your business’ profitability by tenfold.

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