5 Ways Digital Sales Rooms Can Revolutionize Your Sales Process

Digital Sales Rooms

Digital sales rooms. They have revolutionized the way B2B companies carry out their sales in the past several years, turning complicated and boring cycles into engaging interactions like never seen before. 

But how exactly are digital sales rooms so effective?

As defined in this previous article, digital sales rooms are online platforms that allow for heightened collaboration between companies and buyers. This asynchronous collaboration enables a streamlined sales experience for both parties. 

As a result of a personalized and collaborative experience, prospective buyers have much more trust in the company leading to more conversions and higher close rates. 

Seems too good to be true?

It’s not. 

Digital sales rooms hold this potential for any B2B company that chooses to implement them into their processes.

So, today, we are going to be covering the 5 key ways that digital sales room can revolutionize the sales process so that you too can partake in the power of these sales enablement platforms.

Enhance Communication

At the beginning of every sales process, your prospects have a knowledge gap about your company and your solutions. And the best way to fill that gap is through effective communication.

Removing Confusion

One way to foster effective communication in your sales process with digital sales rooms is by simply removing confusion around your company or the solutions that you offer.

Especially if you are in a B2B company that provides a complex product or service it will be easy for your prospects to either misunderstand what it is that you are truly selling or to become so disengaged that they have no interest in continuing down the funnel.

In an article by Insivia about building the perfect sales funnel, it is clear that utilizing explainer videos in the discovery phase of the cycle can do wonders for eliminating confusion and achieving effective communication. Digital sales rooms also contain this feature, making them great tools for simplifying complex solutions into straightforward ideas.

Saving Time

Another way digital sales rooms can help create more effective communication is by saving time.

As a centralized hub of information, digital sales rooms effectively eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Whatever time of day it may be, your prospects will have access to all of the information and resources they need, allowing for clearer communication and a quicker B2B deal cycle.

Building Personal Connection

The final way in which digital sales rooms can help enhance communication with the sales process is by simply proving graphics and videos that build personal connections with potential customers.

Similarly to the explainer videos or slide deck product demos, digital sales rooms have other interactive features that help boost engagement and build a personal connection not achievable through text-based communication alone.

video communication

A study from Shine Interview found that “candidate engagement increases by 56% with video outreach when compared to text-based messages.” And while Shine Interview uses visuals to enhance the interview process, these videos and graphics also help personalize the sales process as well.

Streamline Document Sharing

Digital sales rooms can streamline document sharing by providing a single place for documents to be organized, shared, and edited.

This eliminates the need for multiple versions of documents being emailed back and forth, as well as confusion about who has the latest version of a particular document.

It also allows sales teams to collaborate on documents in real time without worrying about compatibility issues or losing valuable data.

Consolidating Documents

One of the biggest challenges most salespeople face is keeping track of everything that has been shared with the prospect from discovery to proposal. But with digital sales rooms, your sales teams don’t have to manually manage all of those documents anymore.

As stated before, digital sales rooms act as centralized platforms to house and share resources and information. This consolidation of documents alleviates stress and error for your team and makes the process simpler for your prospects.

Improving Internal Collaboration

Digital sales rooms can also help streamline document sharing within sales teams to improve internal collaboration.

This can help optimize communication between sales representatives and marketing and sales teams so that each prospect is fully understood and served.

sales collaboration

Eliminating Data Loss

The final way in which sales enablement platforms like digital sales rooms can help streamline document sharing both internally and externally is by helping eliminate data loss.

Without a centralized shared space to put documents and resources, it is easy to lose track of what has been sent and what hasn’t. A sales room prevents sales assets from being scattered and lost in different email chains or folders.

Additionally, digital sales rooms have safeguards in place to protect against corrupted files, prevent unauthorized access, and reduce the risk of data leakage.

And if everything is being sent via email, it is hard to monitor the engagement levels of prospects and collect customer data for a more personalized experience.

Improve Collaboration

Similar to how digital sales rooms can help streamline document sharing within teams to improve their internal collaboration, these sales enablement platforms can also drastically improve collaboration between sales reps and prospects during the B2B sales process.

Especially in the digital age that we are living in, driving a personal connection in virtual settings is difficult and unpredictable. But these sales rooms contain several interactive features and act as a digital channel to achieve collaboration and personalization.

Along with the benefits of personalizing the experience for your potential customers through collaboration, a collaborative environment will also boost their trust in your company, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Below are 3 key features in the Saleslion digital sales room that help improve online sales collaboration between the company and prospect.

Priority Board

digital sales rooms

Priority boards come in handy during the discovery phase of the sales cycle. When you are first meeting with the prospect and getting a sense of their needs and how your solution can help them, a priority board is a great tool to document and visualize exactly what that prospect needs and wants.

And because it exists in the digital sales room, the prospect can also come back in after the discovery meeting is over and tweak their goals and priorities as needed. This will both save time in the process and allow you and your prospect to stay on the same page.

Mutual Action Plan

mutual action plans

Similarly with priority boards, mutual action plans allow for real-time documentation of your prospects' goals. But while priority boards help visualize goals, mutual action plans help visualize the timeline of the deal cycle and how each of those goals will fit into the different stages of the funnel.

With mutual action plans, you can start planning out exactly what you will need to accomplish during the process so that your prospect fully understands why your solution is the best solution for their problems. These plans also provide a heightened sense of transparency, fostering collaboration and trust.

Solutions Board

saleslion sales tools

Similarly to the two above, solutions boards also help improve collaboration by giving the prospect control over how they would want to work with your company. With interactive tabs that are easy to move around, prospects can build a rough game plan for what it would be like to be a customer for your company.

These boards also give estimates of what pricing would be for certain solutions or services. That way, the prospects can choose exactly what solution they want based on their budget, urgency, and priorities.

Refine Analytics Tracking

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” - Geoffrey Moore

This is a very vivid image. Nobody wants to be like a deer on a freeway when it comes to sales analytics and data tracking. And with digital sales rooms, your company won’t have to worry about facing the sales processes blindly.

Sales enablement software, like digital sales rooms, comes with quality data tracking features because especially in this digital age, being able to track customer behavior is everything.

Improving Sales Tactics

One of the biggest reasons why data is important for B2B companies is that it allows them to see their blindspots and areas of improvement.

In an article about how to maximize sales efforts with sales analytics, it covers how data can be vital for maintaining constant improvement and optimization of your B2B sales strategy.

Along with being able to identify weak spots in your sales strategy, these sales assets can also provide an audit trail of activities between customers and sales teams – helping to track the success of different sales tactics.

Providing Real-Time Insights

Another major benefit of digital sales enablement platforms for the refinement of analytics tracking is that they are able to provide real-time insights into customer behavior and engagement.

sales analytics

Instead of having to wait several days or weeks to analyze user behavior or test a new feature in your sales process, you can immediately see the results and make adjustments accordingly.

This will allow you to further customize the sales process for your prospects so that they feel truly valued and served.

Increase Close Rates

Perhaps the most important way that digital sales rooms can revolutionize your sales process is by increasing your close rates.

By enhancing communication, streamlining sharing, and improving collaboration between customers and sales teams, digital sales rooms can help to shorten the sales cycle, build trust, and improve conversions.

Shortening the Sales Cycle

The last thing you want as a sales leader is a high exit rate from your sales cycles. High exit rates not only kill team spirit, but they are also heavily taxing from an emotional and time-based front.

Think about how much money, time, and energy you are giving to try to convert your leads into paying customers. And if all of that money, time, and energy only translates into a lost prospect, your company will suffer.

One of the best ways to reduce exit rates and improve close rates is by condensing the sales cycle. And this is where digital sales rooms come into play.

Because digital sales rooms remove confusion early on in the process, unnecessary back-and-forth communication to understand your solution is also quickly eliminated. And as a centralized hub of resources and information, prospects will be able to answer their own questions whenever and wherever.

Both of these things greatly help reduce the length of the sales cycle so that prospects remain engaged and get access to your services or products as soon as possible.

Providing Personalization

Another huge benefit of digital sales rooms is how they allow sales teams to easily personalize the sales process for their prospects.

Especially in this day and age where people desire everything to be personalized, it is important to satisfy that desire from the get-go.

From including the company logo and colors of the prospect you are in a sales process with to simply sending a personalized introduction video, going the extra mile to make your prospects feel special will drastically increase your effectiveness and close rates as well.

Real-World Example:

saas growth agency

Insivia, a growth agency specializing in SaaS and tech companies was able to double their close rates by using the Saleslion digital sales room.

Prospects loved how personalized, interactive, and engaging the sales process was with that sales enablement software.

Key Takeaways

Digital sales rooms offer a wealth of benefits for companies looking to take their sales process to the next level. From enhancing communication and streamlining data sharing to refining analytics tracking and improving close rates, the potential of these platforms is clear. 

While this digital sales technology is still relatively new, taking advantage of this modern tool will enable your company to revolutionize its approach and drastically improve your overall performance in your target markets. 

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