Top Reasons Why a B2B Marketing Team Should Use a Digital Sales Room

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B2B marketing and sales strategies have drastically evolved over the last few years. Especially with the impact of the pandemic and the rise of technology, B2B marketing team interactions take place almost exclusively on remote selling platforms. 

Additionally, tactics to generate new leads and convert more customers have shifted as well. Previously, the most popular marketing and sales strategies were aggressive marketing and heavy self-promotion. 

But recently studies are showing that consumers desire a more personalized approach to the sales process. From the increase in social selling approaches and a higher emphasis on relationship-building during marketing and sales processes, it is clear that the world of B2B marketing and sales has shifted. 

One recent technology that has impacted B2B sales effectiveness is the digital sales room. And while its name has sales in it, digital sales rooms are also extremely beneficial for marketing teams as well. 

What is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room is an asynchronous online space that allows companies to share information and resources with buyers, enabling a streamlined buying experience. 

This definition, pulled from an article about digital sales rooms, highlights the effectiveness of these sales tools to improve communication between customers and the company. 

To put it simply, a digital sales room is a virtual space where sellers can present information such as documents, videos, presentations, web resources, and FAQs to engage buyers from discovery to proposal and contracting. It allows for a much more streamlined and collaborative manner than using a PowerPoint with links to collateral, back-and-forth emails with attachments, or boring PDF proposals.

Sales teams often use digital sales rooms to create an interactive sales experience for customers, share documents and other necessary information, and build trust and strong relationships with prospects. But for marketers, digital sales rooms serve a slightly different purpose.

In this article, we will explore how digital sales rooms can be used by B2B marketers to maximize their efforts and demand generation. 

5 Benefits of Using Digital Sales Rooms

Especially since the world of B2B marketing has changed so dramatically, it is increasingly important for marketing teams to adopt modern technology.

Digital sales rooms can help marketers become more efficient by optimizing the customer experience, improving collaboration, and maximizing decision-making through data and analytics.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Firstly, enablement tools like digital sales rooms can do wonders to enhance the experience for customers.

When used by salespeople, digital sales rooms create an interactive sales experience that is engaging and informative.

And when used by marketers, leads and prospects get access to personalized presentations and interactive demonstrations.

Starkly contrasting traditional PowerPoint presentations and boring marketing materials, digital sales rooms enable marketers to personalize the interaction specifically for the prospect that they are engaging with. Below you can see how Saleslion personalized presentations for a company called AppsAnywhere by including their company brand within the platform.

interactive sales experience

These personalized presentations help build relationships and solidify trust by showing prospects that you are invested in serving them specifically.

Conversely, if you use copy-and-paste presentations, you signal that you are not interested in customizing your solution for each prospect’s unique needs.

Digital sales rooms are also incredible tools for marketers as they allow for interactive demonstrations.

Similarly to personalized presentations, digital sales rooms contain interactive features that enable marketing professionals to capture and document the exact pain points of their customers and use that information to design tailored solutions.

These interactive demonstrations also serve as great ways to build trust with your prospects and increase demand generation.

Increased Efficiency

The next way in which digital sales rooms can assist with marketing efforts is by increasing your marketing team’s overall efficiency.

Digital sales rooms excel at sales process optimization by streamlining communication between sales and marketing teams. Your sales representatives and marketers no longer have to operate independently, unaware of what is happening in the respective departments.

Digital sales rooms act as a unified online platform for your B2B business. This can help when identifying and editing your company’s target market and buyer persona.

buyer persona

Both sales and marketing teams can upload necessary documents for customers, tailor the copy and graphics, and understand customer engagement.

This centralized storage of materials also helps expedite response times to client inquiries. For example, if marketers and sales reps are on the same page about which tactics drive the most customer engagement and how their solution can best benefit customers, then your B2B marketing team won’t have to wait on lengthy back and forth with the sales team to answer questions confidently.

Additionally, digital sales rooms can help ensure brand compliance and that the most up-to-date marketing assets are being used by the sales team.

Cost Reduction

A relatively intuitive benefit of utilizing digital sales rooms is how much it can help your marketing team reduce overall costs.

While this might seem like a minor benefit, digital sales enablement tools not only help your B2B company better transition into today’s remote world, but they help manage your overall marketing budget by optimizing efforts.

For example, if it costs your company $100 to complete a marketing task in 1hr, but your marketing team is able to complete it in 45min with the help of sales and B2B marketing automation tools, your profit will increase for every minute saved.

Digital sales rooms also help reduce costs by increasing close rates. With the same amount of effort and expenses from your marketing team, you can increase your overall sales and revenue.

Improved Collaboration

Additionally, digital sales rooms can drastically increase and optimize your internal collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Below is an excerpt from an article by Hubspot on digital sales enablement tools and who owns them in your organization.

In essence, both sales and marketing departments own sales enablement.

With the help of marketing leaders, sales professionals can provide give prospects with videos, blog posts, case studies, and product guides, making for a more personalized and interactive sales experience.

B2B sales and marketing alignment drastically improve the effectiveness of your internal operations, making for more successful processes and bigger deal sizes.

And according to an article about internal B2B collaboration, some benefits of using digital sales rooms for marketing and sales collaboration include improved lead and demand generation, enhanced customer engagement and conversion rates, increased revenue through upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and streamlined and consistent brand representation.

Overall, content marketing and internal collaboration can be greatly enhanced by the use of digital sales rooms or other sales enablement software.

Better Analytics and Tracking

The final benefit, and perhaps the most important, of using digital sales rooms within a B2B marketing team is that it can assist with analytics and tracking.

Analytics is a fundamental part of succeeding as a B2B company in today’s fast-paced and digital world.

Below is a short video on why analytics and data is so vitally important to your sales process.

From improving your chances of converting a lead into a paying customer to using analytics to optimize your campaigns, data is crucial.

Firstly, digital sales rooms can help uncover B2B marketing analytics by providing in-depth insights into customer behavior and preferences. With real-time tracking features, your team can see what exactly your leads are engaging with and what they like most.

Additionally, by watching trends in your analytics, digital sales rooms can help improve marketing campaigns to become more personalized and tailored to the preferences of your target audience.

This will help generate more qualified leads and will improve the quality of their interactive sales experience overall.

Real-World Examples of Successful Digital Sales Rooms

Below are 3 of the top digital sales rooms currently on the market that have been proven to improve both sales and marketing effectiveness.


saleslion digital sales room

Okay, we might be a little biased here. But nonetheless, Saleslion’s revolutionary digital sales room is both an asset to sales and marketing teams.

From helping B2B marketing teams confidently use on-brand marketing assets to reflect their company’s message and voice to upgrading the marketing approach through accurate data, Saleslion’s product is an exceptional tool for marketing teams.


sales management platform

Showpad is another company that offers a sales enablement platform that is tailored to help marketers as well as salespeople.

Acting as a robust marketing collateral platform, Showpad enables marketers to quickly manage and distribute marketing content and optimize their marketing strategies with ease.


sales tools

Similarly to Saleslion, Beehivr is a digital sales room that helps streamline interactions between customers and companies for a heightened customer experience. Beehivr also provides engaging presentation formats to generate an interactive sales experience for customers.

To learn about the best digital sales rooms and sales enablement software of 2023, check out this comprehensive article.

Best Practices for Implementing Digital Sales Rooms

Although digital sales rooms are incredible tools for marketers for a wide range of reasons, without a game plan or effective strategy for implementation, your marketing team will not be able to maximize the effectiveness of these digital enablement tools.

Here are some best practices for implementing this software into your sales and marketing processes. 

Choosing the Right Platform and Tools

Firstly, it is important to choose a tool that works well for your company. For example, Saleslion’s digital sales room is incredibly beneficial for B2B companies who sell complex solutions but are looking for a way to develop a more comprehensive sales process. However for companies who don’t require a high-level and sophisticated tool, a simpler digital sales room with marketing automation might work better. 

Selecting the right platform and tools is crucial. The chosen platform should be user-friendly for your B2B marketing team, customizable, and compatible with existing systems. Key features could include real-time communication capabilities, interactive elements, and analytics tracking. 

Ultimately the tools should also enhance efficiency, foster collaboration, and provide useful insights to drive sales and marketing strategies regardless of company size or needs.

Integrating Digital Sales Rooms into Existing Sales Processes

Another good practice is to find a digital sales room that can seamlessly integrate into existing sales processes. This can streamline operations, reduce redundancies, and improve efficiency. It involves aligning the features of the digital sales room with current processes, ensuring it complements rather than disrupts workflows. 

This might include integrating customer databases, syncing with existing software, and customizing features to suit specific sales procedures.

Training Sales and Marketing Teams on Using Digital Sales Rooms Effectively

Finally, effective utilization of digital sales rooms requires thorough training of your B2B marketing team and sales professionals. 

Training should cover technical aspects, such as using the platform's features, as well as strategic elements, like leveraging insights from analytics. 

Well-trained teams can maximize the potential of digital sales rooms, improving customer engagement, collaboration, and ultimately, sales outcomes.

Key Takeaways

Digital sales rooms are revolutionizing the way a B2B marketing team can operate by providing a centralized, interactive platform for customer engagement. 

These tools enhance the buyer's journey with personalized experiences, increase efficiency through streamlined communication, and foster collaboration. They also provide insightful analytics that drives data-driven strategies and boost demand generation. 

Moreover, digital sales rooms reduce costs associated marketing efforts and enable global reach, expanding potential markets. Effective use of these platforms requires choosing the right tools, seamless integration into existing workflows, and comprehensive training of teams. 

In essence, digital sales rooms are transforming marketing practices, leading to improved sales outcomes and business growth.

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