Why You Need a Sales Differentiation Strategy

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Differentiation, similarly to comprehension, is another vital aspect of creating an effective sales experience. 

Like with any effective storytelling, differentiation allows you to position yourself apart from competitors by developing a unique message. Differentiation is important because it can make your business stand out from the crowd and help you attract more customers. 

Today we are going to be looking at some key factors that indicate how important differentiation is along with how you can easily create a sales differentiation strategy in order to scale your business.


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How Differentiation Will Make Your Company Memorable

With differentiation, what is important is creating memorable experiences and moments for your prospective customers in their sales journey. These memorable moments can be anything from creating a customized video for them or even just ensuring that you respond to all of their requests in a timely manner. 

As these moments begin to pile up, it will become easier and easier for your prospects to remember you. 

And if they are talking with other companies while looking for a solution to their problems, the memorable experiences that they had with your company will help your solution stand apart from whatever other companies they are interacting with. 

Additionally, if the sales process extends a period of time beyond what you had originally anticipated, having those memorable moments in place will ensure that the potential customers will remain eager to work with you, even after a long period of time has passed.

Incorporating a sales differentiation strategy into your sales process allows your solution to hook into the minds of your customers so that they cannot get your company out of their heads. It also is a crucial factor in ensuring that your prospects know why you are different and why they should buy from you.

Setting Yourself Apart From the Crowd Will Allow You to Scale

Touching again on positioning and messaging, differentiating your company allows you to position yourself in the marketplace versus other companies.

This is an incredibly powerful piece in your marketing and sales strategies.

Once you have successfully developed your message, your story, of why you are different, you will no longer have to worry about customers dropping out of the sales funnel because they either don’t understand your solution or they simply aren’t the right fit.

With a sales differentiation strategy though, your sales process will be streamlined and effective beyond imagination, thus allowing you to scale your enterprise company dramatically.

sales differentiation strategy

Differentiation Influences the Perception of Quality and Value

An additional benefit of utilizing differentiation within your sales cycle is that differentiation greatly influences your customer’s perception of quality and value. 

During the entire sales process, sales managers and teams are going to be trying to convince their customers that what they are offering is worth the price that they are presenting it. With differentiation, your prospects will be able to articulate the value of your solution much more effectively, allowing them greater clarity on how your price matches the value of your product or service.

With a differentiation strategy, your sales teams will have greater success in the proposal stages of the sales process. Because of the shift in perception of quality and value, when you present your price, your prospective customers will feel much more comfortable with the level of the cost that is applied to your services.

How To Improve Your Sales Strategy with Differentiation

Now that we have identified three main benefits of differentiation (becoming memorable, standing apart from the competition, and influencing the perception of quality and value) let’s talk about some of the ways that you can improve your sales strategy with differentiation.

Implementing Digital Sales Rooms

We have talked about this before (and we will probably talk about it again) but digital sales rooms are excellent ways to improve your sales process and differentiate yourself from the competition.

In a world of boring presentations and stark PDF sales proposals, utilizing interactivity and engagement in a digital sales room can do wonders for the effectiveness of your sales process. This will also help shape buyer decision criteria of your customers more positively.

Leveraging a Wide Range of Media

Saleslion’s digital sales rooms provide an interactive way for your sales team to deliver sales documents to customers in order to tell an engaging story about your company.

With a variety of multimedia tools at their disposal, such as videos, interactive boards, builders, and pricing sliders, these engaging sales tools give you an edge over the competition.

pricing calculators

Digital sales rooms also enable your sales team to showcase products or services in eye-catching ways and demonstrate why your customers should choose your company over any other.

Utilizing Comprehensive Messaging

The final tip for creating a powerful strategy for your sales is utilizing powerful, comprehensive, and engaging messaging.

Every element of your digital presence should be crafted with care and attention; from the wording of your story to the interactive tools you implement, everything should come together to grab the attention of your customers. This will also simultaneously boost the quality of the customer service experience.

Your messaging should not only make people feel excited about your product or service, but it should also provide them with a clear understanding of how it can solve their problems or improve their lives. A successful sales differentiation strategy helps you stand out from the competition and increase sales effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, differentiation is all about creating emotions during the sales process. By building an interactive sales experience that is unique, engaging, and interactive, your customers will feel excited and wait in anticipation to get their hands on your solution. 

You never want people to go through a sales process and feel nothing. With differentiation though, you can positively impact each of your customers by clearly defining who you are and why your solution is special. 

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