Do Your Trust Your Family Over Businesses?

81% of Consumers Trust the Advice of Family and Friends Over Businesses



Statistic Info

Online shopping has made it easy for consumers to show a specific product to their friends or family to get a second opinion before making a purchase.

This can be shared through a link on SMS, email, social media, etc.

If friends and family recommend one product over the other, we are more likely to choose the recommended one, regardless of price and quality.

To help encourage visitors to buy, include different sharing options that will help potential customers get a thumbs up from their friends.

Takeaway: Make it easy for consumers to share products from your site with friends and family through different channels. Make sure to include a direct link to the product along with an image of the product.

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

As of Q2 2018, 2.86 Percent of E-Commerce Website Visits Converted into Purchases

More than Three-Quarters of Online Shoppers Would Like their Orders Shipped the Same Day

38% of People will Leave a Website if they find the Layout Unattractive

81% of Shoppers Research their Product Online before Purchasing

20% of Google Searches on Mobile are Voice

44% of People go Directly to Amazon to Start their Product Searches, Compared to 34% who use Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to Search for Products

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

About 9% of US Online Retailers have Added Amazon Pay as a Payment Alternative to their Websites

65% of Consumers Look Up Price Comparisons on Mobile While in a Physical Store

8% of Online Shoppers Engage in a Live Chat Conversation before Placing an Order