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8% of online shoppers engage in a live chat conversation before placing an order


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There is, year over year, a steady percentage of regular shoppers who prefer live chat as their communication method with Internet retailers. At 17% in 2013, this sample looks much as it did when we rst discovered them. They are more likely to be college educated, less likely to be in homes with incomes of $50,000 or less, less likely to be over 50 years of age, and more likely to spend signicantly more online annually. Forty-seven percent of these “live chat fans” are more likely to purchase from a site that has live chat.

More 2019 Stats

9% of Ecommerce Sites are Offering a Rewards Loyalty Program to Customers

Abandoned Cart Emails Sent within 20 Minutes Have an Average Conversion rate of 5.2%

There Are More Than 254 Million Active PayPal Accounts in The World

Nearly Half (48 percent) of Online Shoppers Simply Head Straight to a Large Ecommerce Marketplace

Average Open Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 18.45%

People are Searching Google for the Phrase “Conversion Rate Optimization” More than Ever Before

The Average Conversion Rate of a Facebook Ad is 9.21%

Younger People Spend More Time Shopping Online than Older People

60 percent of deals in the pipeline are lost to “no decision” rather than to competitors.

Landing Pages with Multiple Offers get 266% Fewer Leads than Single Offer Pages

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

9% of Ecommerce Sites are Offering a Rewards Loyalty Program to Customers

Apple Pay Orders have a 1.8% Transaction Share on B2C Websites Accepting Apple Pay at Checkout

An Inconvenient Returns Policy Deters 80% of Shoppers

54% of Shoppers will Purchase Products Left in Shopping Carts if those Products are Subsequently Offered at a Lower Price

44% of People go Directly to Amazon to Start their Product Searches, Compared to 34% who use Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to Search for Products

60% of Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts Because of Unexpected Extra Costs

Mobile Traffic Represents 53% of all Ecommerce Traffic

40% of US Males Aged 18-34 Say They Would “Ideally Buy Everything Online”

On Average, 52 Percent of Online Stores have Omnichannel Capabilities

Gmail is the Most Popular Email Platform, Commanding 46.77% of the Marketshare

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