Do You Hate Unexpected Fees?

60% of Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts Because of Unexpected Extra Costs

These extra costs include shipping, tax, and other fees.

To avoid shoppers abandoning their carts, make visitors aware of any extra costs up front before they enter checkout.

You can also offer free shipping on orders above a specific value to reduce cart abandonment and increase average order value.

According to HubSpot, 24% of shoppers are ready to spend more to qualify for free shipping, so this is a great way to increase the average order value.

Whenever a visitor adds an item to their cart, track the basket value and trigger a campaign in the first step of your cart if the order value isn’t high enough to prompt free shipping.

Then, to encourage visitors to buy more, add product recommendations in your campaign with an “add to cart” call-to-action.

Takeaway: Identify the reasons people abandon your checkout and address those reasons in an exit-intent campaign, or in an abandoned cart email (see next statistic about this).

More 2019 Stats

43% of E-Commerce Traffic comes from Organic Google Search

28% Shoppers Abandon Carts because of Unexpected Shipping Costs

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

33% of B2C Ecommerce Website are also Conducting B2B Transactions

9% of Ecommerce Sites are Offering a Rewards Loyalty Program to Customers

Using Video on Landing Pages can Increase Conversion by 80%

PayPal Transactions have 70% Higher Checkout Conversion than Non-PayPal Transactions

Younger People Spend More Time Shopping Online than Older People

Companies see a 55% Increase in Leads when Increasing their Number of Landing Pages from 10 to 15

Users who have a Negative Experience on a Mobile Website are 62 Percent Less Likely to Purchase from that Business in the Future

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

Gmail is the Most Popular Email Platform, Commanding 46.77% of the Marketshare

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

Apple Pay Orders have a 1.8% Transaction Share on B2C Websites Accepting Apple Pay at Checkout

54% of Shoppers will Purchase Products Left in Shopping Carts if those Products are Subsequently Offered at a Lower Price

26% of Shoppers are Likely to Share a Product on Social Media after Purchase

An Inconvenient Returns Policy Deters 80% of Shoppers

Average Open Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 18.45%

22% of Online Retailers Still Don’t have a Mobile-Friendly Website

88% of Online Shoppers Will Use Webrooming to Find the Best Price

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