Do You Hate Unexpected Fees?

60% of Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts Because of Unexpected Extra Costs

Baymard Institute


These extra costs include shipping, tax, and other fees.

To avoid shoppers abandoning their carts, make visitors aware of any extra costs up front before they enter checkout.

You can also offer free shipping on orders above a specific value to reduce cart abandonment and increase average order value.

According to HubSpot, 24% of shoppers are ready to spend more to qualify for free shipping, so this is a great way to increase the average order value.

Whenever a visitor adds an item to their cart, track the basket value and trigger a campaign in the first step of your cart if the order value isn’t high enough to prompt free shipping.

Then, to encourage visitors to buy more, add product recommendations in your campaign with an “add to cart” call-to-action.

Takeaway: Identify the reasons people abandon your checkout and address those reasons in an exit-intent campaign, or in an abandoned cart email (see next statistic about this).

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