How Many Fields on your Lead Gen Form is too Many?

The Average Number of Form Fields on Landing Page Conversion Forms is 11

While this is the average, the fact is: less is more. Shortening your form fields from 11 to 4 can increase conversions by 120%.

Historically, the standard answer has been that 3 is the optimum number of fields you want on your form to maximize your conversion rate. But recent research by Formstack looking at data for more than 650,000 of their customers found that lead gen forms have an average of 11 fields and conversion rate of 17 percent.

11 fields. That’s room to collect a lot of valuable information about a prospect. In contrast, web page contact forms that average only 4 fields had a conversion rate of only one percent!

Does this mean that you can ask a website visitor to share 11 data points about herself in order to get her to sign up for your newsletter or download your report? Maybe. But not without some thought first.

You have two high-level questions to explore when determining how many fields to put on your lead gen form:

  1. What’s my priority – lead quantity or quality?
  2. What information am I asking for?

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