Do you use Videos on your Landing Pages?

Using Video on Landing Pages can Increase Conversion by 80%

In the fast-paced digital landscape, capturing and retaining visitors’ attention is a perpetual challenge for marketers and sales people.

However, there is a game-changing tool that can revolutionize your landing page performance: video content.

Research reveals that incorporating videos on landing pages can result in a staggering 80% boost in conversion rates.

And while videos have proven to be extremely useful for landing pages, their effectiveness does not stop there.

Videos should also be used in presentations, outreach emails, proposals, and other aspects of the sales process whenever possible. It provides a passive engagement medium where visitors can experience your message with very little effort.

Videos can also help you communicate your complex solution to prospects in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Additionally, videos that feature yourself or other members of your company’s sales team can increase the trust factor between you and your prospects significantly.

7 Tips to Use Videos More Effectively

  1. Sending a personalized introduction video to prospects and customers can build trust and improve relationships.
  2. Utilizing explainer videos at the beginning of your sales funnel can help establish credibility and provide industry knowledge about your business.
  3. Including CTAs within your videos can help increase conversions and push prospects further down the sales funnel.
  4. Providing product tours is useful for prospects who desire more in-depth resources to consume to help make a purchase decision.
  5. Optimize your videos by shortening them to retain customer engagement.

In summary, customized videos can be great remote selling tools to increase conversions and improve your sales process.

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The Average Number of Form Fields on Landing Page Conversion Forms is 11

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