What value do executive customers see in sales calls?

Only 10 percent of executive customers said sales calls provide enough value to warrant the time they spent on them.

In today’s competitive market, sales professionals are under a lot of pressure to increase their conversions and close deals. As such, they have to be creative about how they approach customers if they want to get the results they desire. Unfortunately, it appears that one of the traditional methods for sales has become ineffective: sales calls. According to recent research, only 10 percent of executive customers said sales calls provide enough value to warrant the time they spent on them.

Sales calls are often seen as one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach out to potential customers. They’re personal, allowing salespeople to create a relationship with prospects and explain why their product is worth buying. But without customer being willing to listen, it’s impossible for any sale or conversion to take place.

So how can companies ensure their sales efforts won’t be wasted on those who don’t see value in a call? It’s important for them to focus on developing an engaging pitch that will make their customer feel appreciated and understood. Businesses must also tailor their approaches based on the type of customer they’re dealing with as well as understand that sometimes other forms of communication such as emails and text messages are preferred over calling.

It’s clear that when it comes to selling products effectively, relying solely on cold-calling may no longer be enough. Companies should consider changing their strategies by creating more personalized pitches and taking into account customer preferences when reaching out. By doing so, businesses will have a better chance of closing deals and making the most out of their efforts.

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