Do you use Split Testing Software?

44% of Companies use A/B or Split Testing Software


Conversion Optimization


A/B testing is testing multiple variations of a webpage against the original (control) to determine which of them generates more conversions. But how is it used for website optimization? Check out our infographic “The State of A/B Testing” for latest A/B testing statistics and trends.

A/B testing is the second most popular CRO method after customer journey analysis

71%of companies are doing two or more tests per month

Testing areas:

Website 77% of companies
Landing page 60% of companies
Email 59% of companies
Paid search 58% of companies


Call-to-action buttons have become the most popular website elements for testing

But only 44% of companies use split testing software

58% of companies use A/B testing  for conversion rate optimization and 35% of companies plan to use A/B testing for conversion rate optimization.

60% of companies believe that A/B testing is “highly valuable” for conversion optimization.

63% of companies believe that is it not difficult to implement A/B testing while 7% believe that A/B testing is very difficult to implement.

A/B testing is the most used testing for desktop websites, when usability testing is the most popular one for mobile and desktop.

Only 1 out of 8 A/B tests have driven significant change

Running 2-3 website tests per month appears to be the optimal amount for improvement and increased satisfaction

It turns out that A/B testing is the second most popular CRO method after customer journey analysis and 71% of companies are doing two or more tests per month.

More 2019 Stats

71% of salespeople are using social selling tools

Average Click-thru Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 4.6%

Average Open Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 18.45%

Abandoned Cart Emails Have an Average Open Rate of 45%

17% of salespeople did not attend college

Today, 97% of consumers go online to research products and services.

But Removing the Navigation Menu can Increase Conversions by 100%

Abandoned Cart Emails Sent within 20 Minutes Have an Average Conversion rate of 5.2%

43% of E-Commerce Traffic comes from Organic Google Search

People are Searching Google for the Phrase “Conversion Rate Optimization” More Than Ever Before

More Conversion Optimization Stats

Most Companies Spend Less than 5% of Marketing Budgets on Conversion Optimization

60% of deals in the pipeline are lost to “no decision” rather than to competitors.

Only About 22 Percent of Businesses are Satisfied with their Conversion Rates

There is a 70% greater likelihood of converting re-targeted visitors vs. those who are not

Using Video on Landing Pages can Increase Conversion by 80%

96% of Marketers Say ‘Segmentation’ is the Most Powerful Method of Improving Conversion Rate

Engagement Lost During the Body of a Video (96% of the video) is the Same Lost During the Nose (the first 2% of the video)

Add a Beard to Your Models to Increase in Cart Adds by 49%

85 Percent of Consumers Conduct Online Research Before Making a Purchase Online

Businesses with over 40 Landing Pages Generated a Whopping 12 Times More Leads than those with 1-5 Landing Pages

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