Where do You Start Shopping Online?

Nearly Half (48 percent) of Online Shoppers Simply Head Straight to a Large Ecommerce Marketplace



These marketplaces have brand appeal.

Plus, many people already have existing accounts on large ecommerce marketplaces that they know and trust.

The Key Takeaway: Ecommerce brands must work hard to capture the attention of these shoppers, inspire them to visit their website, and then build trust.

More 2019 Stats

There Are More Than 254 Million Active PayPal Accounts in The World

PayPal Transactions have 70% Higher Checkout Conversion than Non-PayPal Transactions

69 Percent of Shopping Carts are Abandoned

A Typical Website Conversion Rate is about 2.35% on Average

It’s Estimated that there will be 1.92 Billion Global Digital Buyers in 2019

Mobile Ecommerce is Expected to Account for 67.2 Percent of Digital Sales in 2019

65% of Consumers Look Up Price Comparisons on Mobile While in a Physical Store

Younger People Spend More Time Shopping Online than Older People

Today, 97% of consumers go online to research products and services.

60% of deals in the pipeline are lost to “no decision” rather than to competitors.

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