How Likely Are You To Abandon Your Cart?

Abandoned Cart Emails Sent within 20 Minutes Have an Average Conversion rate of 5.2%


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The timing of your abandoned cart email has a great effect on conversion rates.

Emails sent within an hour have an average conversion rate of 4.5%, while emails sent more than 24 hours after cart abandonment only converts at an average of 2.6%.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with promotional material, and that makes it harder for marketers to stay top of mind with prospects.

That’s why it’s important to send your abandoned cart emails directly after a prospect abandons their cart, to ensure your brand is still top of mind when they receive the email.

Takeaway: Automate your abandoned cart emails and trigger them to go out within 20 minutes after a prospect abandons their cart. Make sure to include the cart items in the email and include multiple calls-to-action to go back to the cart.

More 2019 Stats

69 Percent of Shopping Carts are Abandoned

28% Shoppers Abandon Carts because of Unexpected Shipping Costs

65 Percent of Shoppers Look up Price Comparisons on their Mobile Device While in a Physical Store

81% of Consumers Trust the Advice of Family and Friends Over Businesses

26% of Shoppers are Likely to Share a Product on Social Media after Purchase

Pages that Rank First on Google Search Results on Desktop have a 34.36% Click-Through Rate

Generation X Shop More Online Than Baby Boomers and Millennials

38% of People will Leave a Website if they find the Layout Unattractive

60 percent of deals in the pipeline are lost to “no decision” rather than to competitors.

A Typical Website Conversion Rate is about 2.35% on Average

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

Mobile Traffic Represents 53% of all Ecommerce Traffic

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies

9% of Ecommerce Sites are Offering a Rewards Loyalty Program to Customers

Men Spend 68% More Online Than Women

PayPal Transactions have 70% Higher Checkout Conversion than Non-PayPal Transactions

On Average, 52 Percent of Online Stores have Omnichannel Capabilities

Younger People Spend More Time Shopping Online than Older People

69 Percent of Shopping Carts are Abandoned

80% of Respondents Said They Had Stopped Doing Business with a Company Because of a Poor Customer Experience

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