How do you Search?

43% of E-Commerce Traffic comes from Organic Google Search

Statistic Info

You can’t go to a search conference these days without hearing a digital media banshee decrying “The Death of SEO” from up on high. Our findings demonstrate this clearly isn’t the case with almost half (43%) of traffic coming from Google Organic. This figure has actually increased from 40% in our previous KPI study. Google AdWords ac-counts for one quarter of traffic (26%) and Direct is the third most popular traffic source delivering 17% of traffic. This direct traffic is typically made up of repeat visitors returning to the website (includ-ing repeat customers), traffic from above the line marketing activi-ties such as TV advertising and ‘dark traffic’

More 2019 Stats

It’s 7 Times More Expensive to Acquire a New Customer via Paid Advertisement than Retain an Existing One

60% of Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts Because of Unexpected Extra Costs

Pages that Rank First on Google Search Results on Desktop have a 34.36% Click-Through Rate

30% of Consumers Say The Would Rather Buy from a Website They’ve Bought from Previously

33% of B2C Ecommerce Website are also Conducting B2B Transactions

Apple Pay Orders have a 1.8% Transaction Share on B2C Websites Accepting Apple Pay at Checkout

38% of People will Leave a Website if they find the Layout Unattractive

The Average Order Value of B2C Online Order is $52

About 58% of B2C Ecommerce Stores are Offering Paypal as an Alternate Form of Payment

8% of Online Shoppers Engage in a Live Chat Conversation before Placing an Order

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

Mobile Commerce Hit $700 Billion in Revenue in 2017, Which is More than 300% Growth Over the Past Four Years

About 9% of US Online Retailers have Added Amazon Pay as a Payment Alternative to their Websites

65% of Consumers Look Up Price Comparisons on Mobile While in a Physical Store

59% of 16-36 year-olds Head to Amazon Before Any Other E-Commerce Website

30 Percent of Online Consumers Have Posted Product Feedback Online

Mobile Traffic Represents 53% of all Ecommerce Traffic

Almost 60% of People Who Own a Virtual Assistant Have Used it to Make a Purchase through Voice Command

74% of Online Shoppers Rate Product Selection as Important During the Online Search Process

The Average Conversion Rate in AdWords Across all Industries is 2.7% on the Search Network and 0.89% on the Display Network

Mobile 500 Retailers Made Big Gains in 2017, Reporting a 68.5% Increase in Visits and Topping More than 3 Billion Logged Shopping Sessions