Do You Look at Catalogs?

69% of B2B Businesses Say They Expect to Stop Printing Catalogs Within Five Years

Statistic Info

Online catalogs are replacing print catalogs. Not a bad thing for our environment.

More 2018 Stats

U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales are Expected to Surpass 735 Billion by 2023

77% of Adults Own a Smart Phone

In Q3 2018, Smartphones Accounted for 61 Percent of Retail Site Visits Worldwide

53% of Content Marketers Use Interactive Content in Lead Generation Efforts

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

32% of Online Shoppers Own at Least One Connected Home Device

39% of People Will Stop Engaging With a Website if Images Won’t Load or Take Too Long to Load

54% of Shoppers will Purchase Products Left in Shopping Carts if those Products are Subsequently Offered at a Lower Price

Engagement Lost During the Body of a Video (96% of the video) is the Same Lost During the Nose (the first 2% of the video)

You Have 10 Seconds to Leave An Impression and Tell Them What They’ll Get Out of Your Website and Company. After This Time (and Oftentimes Before), They’ll Leave