Are you interested in Sales Navigator and other similar technologies? Do you think it's time to invest in them?

77% of sales professionals say their organization is planning to invest more in sales intelligence tools

Sales professionals are no strangers to the constantly changing landscape of their industry. The past few years have brought about new challenges and opportunities, with the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerating the need for adaptation and ...

How is the increasing demand for e-commerce affecting the sales industry, and what steps should sales leaders take to adapt to this trend?

38% of sales leaders say their customers want to buy through e-commerce stores

The world of sales has evolved significantly over the years, with the advent of new technologies and changing customer preferences. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this shift, with many customers preferring to shop online instead of ...

How are sales leaders responding to the growing demand for digital communication from their customers?

41% of sales leaders report that their customers desire more digital communication

As technology advances, it’s no surprise that the way people communicate is changing. For sales teams, this means understanding how customers prefer to interact with businesses. According to a recent report by Zendesk, 41% of sales leaders ...

What is the impact on sales when sellers fail to engage with buyers early in the process?

71% of buyers want to hear from sellers early in the buying process

Sales is a constantly evolving landscape. As new technologies emerge and businesses adapt to the changes, sales teams need to keep up to remain competitive. One of the key areas that sales reps need to focus on is early engagement in sales. ...

What are some effective strategies for improving sales productivity?

31% of sales pros find no significant difference between selling remotely and in-person

According to a recent survey, 31% of sales professionals who sell both remotely and in-person believe that there is not much of a difference between remote selling and in-person selling. The survey, conducted by a leading sales consultancy firm, ...

How can sales reps shift their language to emphasize collaboration and increase their chances of success?

The Power of Collaborative Language in Sales: Why Using “We” and “Us” is More Effective

In the world of sales, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters. Sales reps who use collaborative language, such as “we” and “us,” are 10 times more likely to be successful than those who use ...

What are the best practices for successful cold calling in today's digital age?

41.2% of sales reps say that their phone is the most effective tool for performing their jobs

According to a recent survey, 41.2% of sales reps believe that their phone is the most effective tool for performing their jobs. This finding raises an important question: is cold calling still an effective strategy for sales?

For many ...

Are you prepared to navigate through the complexities of involving multiple decision-makers in the B2B buying process?

The businesses’ buying process will involve around 6-10 decision-makers

Are you struggling to close deals despite having a great product or service? One possible reason could be the complex buying process in today’s business world. According to recent studies, the businesses’ buying process will involve ...

How can sales reps improve their interaction strategies to secure meetings with prospects?

It takes an average of 8 interactions to secure a meeting with a prospect

Sales is a numbers game, and the more prospects you reach out to, the more opportunities you have to close deals. However, even with a large number of prospects, it can take multiple attempts to secure a meeting. In fact, on average, it takes ...

How do sales reps anticipate customers' needs?

Nearly 90% of sales reps emphasize the importance of anticipating customers’ needs

As a sales representative, your job is to build relationships with customers and ultimately, close deals. One of the most important skills you can have in achieving these goals is the ability to anticipate customers’ needs. In fact, nearly ...

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